Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of a company’s infrastructure, whether an e-commerce shop or a small, local shop. It is also a marketing subject that will affect your brand recognition and search engine ranking. SEO experts like advise clients in 2019 to avoid these seven big SEO mistakes by following these simple guidelines and tips.

1. Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Did you know that Google made 3,234 algorithm updates in 2018? SEO experts must be on the lookout for algorithm fluctuations. A quick SEO strategy implementation will positively boost a website’s ranking, but a failure to respond will eventually hurt it. By 2020, half of all search engine queries will be voice-assisted and only the top-ranked companies will be displayed based on relevancy rather than a list of possible choices.

2. Website Optimization

Search engines are constantly crawling your website to find the most valuable and relevant content for users. If you are not optimizing your website often, you are missing out on ways to elevate your user’s experience, which Google will penalize a site. Your layout, design aesthetic and content also becomes redundant, so you want to revitalize your web pages with a new, fresh look and feel. It will boost return on investment (ROI), traffic and ranking.

3. Schema Markup

Schema markup is used by websites to communicate with search engines using an organized set of semantic vocabulary to determine actions, objectives and association of content. Not paying attention to schema markup coding will result in much lower engagement because search engines will be unable to understand coded meanings.

4. Keywords and Metadata

The online marketplace is filled with uncertainties, and SEO is often a make-or-break issue that allows businesses to accomplish lucrative ventures via web traffic. SEO mistakes hinder your ability to achieve a favorable outcome. You need to focus on online promotion, SEO marketing, audience identification, keyword usage, SEO optimization, mobile-first indexing, high-quality content creation and social media management.

5. Website Accessibility and SEO

Website accessibility is always a trending topic since more than 55 million Americans have disabilities that websites ignore. In today’s market, providing access to this demographic. Ignoring technical, physical or cognitive enhancements will increase and diversify demographic engagement and boost search engine optimization strategies.

6. Content Creation

Content creation is undoubtedly one of the most essential parts of SEO because it is the information that search engines index. Without the correct SEO, it is unlikely that anyone will even see it. It isn’t about the highest-volume keywords so much as their relevancy to the content that will increase traffic and engagement. Don’t just assume these keywords are best. Don’t neglect technical or unbranded SEO, metadata and voice search criteria.

7. Broken Links

Search engines care about quality, so broken, harmful or deceptive links hurt ranking. You want to make sure you take the time to look for errors before Google finds them. Several great software applications actively search for mistakes and provide the repair.

SEO isn’t a short-term issue. A company needs the services of an SEO expert to stay on top of algorithm changes. You also need an expert who knows how to strategize with huge ROI gains.


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