6 Ways to Make Money Online Using Your Smartphone


Last updated on August 24th, 2021 at 10:31 pm

Applications in smartphones making life easier and enjoyable. Smartphone applications are used to make money using your smartphone apart from browsing the web, making calls, and watching media files? Yes! That’s true. Nowadays, smartphones became the most wanted gadget for everyone. This amazing gadget offers many things to explore, with such features we can make smartphones as a money-making device.

Here are six simple ways to make money using smartphones.

1.Virtual Assistant

Become a virtual assistant ranging from digital assistant to busy executives. This job involves organising their schedules, sending e-mails, handling their social media accounts, and searching for information on the internet. You can even provide advice on behalf of the company you work for.


This is a website that can be accessed through the app from your smartphone or tab. For your daily web activity, this website will reward you. There are several options to earn like playing games, web searches, taking surveys, and discovering the new offers. Although the money you earn is not sufficient to make a living, still getting it for some simple and regular activities is always cool.

3.Social Media Advertising

If you use social media heavily, join myLikes. Select some advertising campaigns that will suit your profile. For every view or click it gets, you earn some cash. It will be paid to your account or in the form of gift coupons that can be redeemed at Amazon.com. However, if you are not very active on social networking sites, this probably is not an option for you.

4.Sharing and popularising apps

Is trying new apps your pass-time activity and do you feel it as a lot of fun? Then AppRewards is definitely for you. You will just have to share free apps on social media.


Some sites like Gigwalk and Fieldagent offer you to time-bound work options on several simple tasks like checking prices of several commodities, data verification, photography, online surveys, mystery shopping, etc. You earn some points if your work gets accepted else you may lose points if it is rejected. All the money you earned is transferred to PayPal within a week. However, be wise to select work that is related to the field in which you have some knowledge on.

6.Online surveys

Use apps like iPinions to fill in the surveys and get paid for each survey. Download the app and create your profile by proving all your required personal details. You will get a certain number of reward points for each survey. 100 points will get you one dollar, rising your dollarflow level with every survey and the money will be directly transferred to your PayPal account. You can use PayPal customer service to know more details on transferring payment.


Above mentioned ways, we can make money through smartphones. There are various smartphones available in the market manufactured by many companies. Each company trying hard to make smartphones for better use. So use the features of smartphones not only for entertainment, playing games, etc but also to make money and earn knowledge.

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