6 Ways Data Integration Improves Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Efforts


Well-integrated data is more valuable and useful. While data that is siloed can only be accessed and used on a single platform, integrated data can be utilized across platforms. Here are six ways software integration can pay off to help you weigh the pros and cons of using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud vs Raiser’s Edge NXT to manage constituent relationships and fundraising and direct nonprofit stakeholders toward the right integration software.

How Donor Data Can Help You Create More Effective Marketing Campaigns

The quality of donor data directly impacts the effectiveness of marketing. Accurate contact data and records that reflect past engagement or donations made possible by a Salesforce Classy integration allows for personalized appeals made through past donors’ preferred communication channels on a schedule likely to lead to larger, recurring or more frequent gifts.

Raisers Edge NXT vs Salesforce as a CRM

Raiser’s Edge NXT is an all-in-one constituent relationship management and fundraising platform for nonprofits. This proprietary system is designed to run alongside other Blackbaud software, such as Financial Edge. One of the most common questions nonprofit staff ask is how to import constituent RE across platforms. The short answer is that integration software is invaluable. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is more open-ended but requires more fine-tuning.

Integrate a Nonprofit CRM With Third-Party Platforms

The CRM software nonprofit uses will determine the ease with which existing databases can be connected to external applications. Integration software makes it possible to allow data to flow between this platform or Raiser’s Edge NXT and third-party clients.

Maintain Centralized and Current Records

Integration centers around the establishment of a centralized database that draws data from multiple systems. Records can be checked, improved, queried or searched independently of the platforms in use. Deduplication and merging functions can eliminate multiple instances of data or inconsistencies. Data health resources improve the completeness and quality of records.

Gain Access To More Donor Data

When data from multiple sources is reconciled through integration, more data points are made available to be accessed across platforms. Many organizations are stymied by siloed data, or records that remain stuck in systems where information is inaccessible and prone to become incomplete or out-of-date. Integration frees up the flow of data across applications, channels and platforms.

Integration Guides Smarter Giving Requests

The availability of fundraising records from third-party tools such as Classy in Salesforce can guide giving requests. Outdated donation records may lead to repeat asks or suggested gift amounts that are not on schedule or on target. Integrating separate CRM and fundraising platforms is crucial to fundraising success.

Eliminate Siloed Data Across Systems

Data that is stored in proprietary formats or is otherwise unavailable to other applications is considered siloed. Integration is crucial for organizations that need to work around limits imposed by proprietary formats or third-party software with limited support.

Integration is a worthwhile investment in an organization’s data. Software designed to work with the leading nonprofit CRM platforms can be connected or used alongside external applications and third-party tools for increased returns from donor communication and outreach.


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