During this pandemic, most of us are working from home and the only option left for the meeting is virtual meetings. There are many online meeting products like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more which you can use for virtual meetings.


But many times you might have seen about the security breaches around these tools. Recently, Zoom was in the news and later the company fixed it. They also made either password mandatory for the meetings or enable the waiting room to tighten the security.

There are many security measures which you can follow and in this post, we are going to see the same.

#1 Use Passwords for meeting

Earlier, almost all the online meeting software were having the password optional. If you want, use it or leave it. And as without a password, the meeting URL is pretty clean and easy to remember and so people were not using it.

And this kept all call on huge problems when security issues with some of the software were detected. And after this, almost all such software made passwords mandatory for the calls. Now if you want to join or schedule the call, you must have to include the password.

#2 Keep the option of the waiting room

If you’re not using a password for meetings or even if using, you can add an additional level of security by enabling the waiting room. So, whenever someone will join the call, they will be kept in a waiting room and the host of the meeting will have to grant them the call. This way, you can control who can join the call and who can’t.

#3 Use Virtual Background

Many times we don’t have a good ambiance for the video call and this creates problems. In that case either we close the video or struggle to find a better place.

The solution to both is to use a good virtual background. Almost all the virtual meeting software uses a virtual background option where you can set the background of your choice. This will only show you and rest will be the background you have set. Just make sure you’re using the best possible zoom meeting background. Also, it should not be the image or video which might distract others on the calls.

#4 Double-check the settings

Audio is one of the most vulnerable items in any virtual meeting. And so, should be taken seriously. While scheduling the meeting, you should disable the option of the join before the host option. This will enable and keep everyone in waiting till the time you begin a host joins. This is a very good precaution everyone should follow.

#5 Don’t use the same password

We have a habit of going simpler and there is nothing bad in it. But the problem is with security. Avoid using the same password for all the meetings and instead, let the tool generate the password for you. This way, you can keep the call secured for any threat.

#6 Update the software

This is another important checklist that you must not ignore. All the companies keep on pushing the updates with the new features, fixing the bugs and vulnerabilities. And so, whenever you see the update, try to update it with the latest version to keep it secured and avoid any vulnerabilities to impact it.

Final Words

These were some of the best security considerations one must implement for any virtual meetings. Upgrading to the latest version, password-protected, audio are some of the points which one must take care of for any secure virtual meetings.

What are the precautions you follow for your online calls? Please share those in the comments.