6 Reasons to Choose a 0300 Phone Number for Business


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0300 numbers are a unique line that is commonly used by government bodies, the public sector, non-profits, and charities. They aren’t attached to any location and yet are still charged the same rate as a geographical landline. Here’s why choosing a 0300 line on cNumber for business is advisable:

Why using a 0300 Number for business is advisable:

1. They are affordable

One of the popular reasons for an introduction to 0300 numbers by businesses with cNumber is that they are not as expensive as the cost of calling from both landlines and mobiles is very low. This means it won’t put off potential donors or volunteers from calling. The inexpensiveness of 0300 numbers makes it accessible to all customers.

In the past, businesses may have used other numbers such as 0845 numbers. But the cost was usually too high as they kept accumulating, especially from a mobile. This may not encourage customers to use mobiles to call, which is the exact opposite of what a business needs.

2. Disaster Recovery

In case the business premises suffer some serious incident, owners can have complete confidence that no important business calls will be missed. As an 0300 number can be re-directed instantly to another landline or mobile.

3. A memorable number

0300 numbers are easily memorable and they will make it easier for clients to remember them. During a crisis, a memorable number will be important to help the caller remember the helpline.

For consistent callers, they will not need to look up the number before making the call as it is easy to memorize the digits in the number. Calls will be made easily and on impulse hence allowing customers to get better service.

And here at cNumber we have thousands of memorable 03 numbers to choose from, with prices going up in order of memorability.

4. No need to change the original number

Once an 0300 number is registered, customers can keep it for as long as needed. No longer will changing the business address, or buying a new phone mean there is any need to worry about costly changes to marketing materials due to updating the business phone number.

5. Attracts Donations

0300 numbers are a great way to appeal to prospective donors as it places the official status of the company to be professional. It further raises the chances of prospective donors to get involved with the company. When this number is coupled with a good memorable digit sequence, more calls can be seen to come through.

6. Retains the company’s national presence

These lines are normally used as official phone numbers for charities and non-profit organizations. As such, 0300 numbers create a feeling of trust, reliability, and professionalism. Thus helping create the right impression of the organization well in advance.

Plus, it enables customers to appear to a wider audience, not just the local area.


That’s pretty much the end of our introduction to 0300 numbers. There are also other features like the ability to manage where calls are routed, call reporting & being easy to set up. These are only a few benefits that an 0300 cNumber can offer.

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