6 Product Photo Branding Tips to Boost Brand Credibility


Photography is not just limited to taking the best photos with the best angles. It is much more than that, especially when photographers want to earn a good income out of it. Today, many photographers are selling their photos online and that is the reason why stock photography has gained a lot of popularity. It has also given a boost to the digital printing business. Amazon Product photographers understand step-by-step instructions to feature your product in the best way, in a real sense and metaphorically, to build its apparent worth and quality. However, a lot of hard work and dedication are required in this field as well.

The business of photography is similar to that of clothing or gadgets. It requires good branding in order to gain customer attention and compete well with competitors. It also requires a good business sense and the ability to stand out from the crowd. My Friend Nate wrote an excellent guide on Headshot Photography. It’s an awesome guide. Do read it.

The term “branding” is widely used in the corporate world. It refers to the symbol, logo, or design of a product that differentiates it from other products in the market. Branding essentially allows your brand to stand out in the sea of competitors. Some experts also relate branding with customization. This means that even a unique page of your business on social media comes under branding.

In this article, we will discuss some branding tips for digital prints and photos. Here you go:

1- Go with a professional logo

The first and foremost thing in selling your photos and digital prints is to brand them effectively. Since you are dealing with digital prints and photos, make sure to have a relevant logo. If you are short on budget, you can create your own logo by using Designhill, or similar free online tools for logo designing. If that’s not the case, you can always avail of professional logo designing services to meet your need.

Make sure you are conveying your business goal effectively to your potential customers. Communicate your targeted niche to your audience in order to narrow down your customer base, and make your logo visible in your products. Your products can be for commercial use which comes in stock photography, or for personal use and home decor. In any case, having a logo is a great of personal branding.

2- Select your brand theme and fonts wisely

Being in a photography business you may not require a lot of text on your website. However, you can still use text strategically to tell more about your business. Your website says a lot about you. If you are targeting the young generation through your work, you will ideally go for funky themes.

Similarly, the typography you use also says a lot about the nature of your business. If you want your digital prints to be used commercially, you should go for professional and relaxed typography. You can choose from different font options such as display fonts, script typography, sans serif fonts, and serif fonts.

3- Select colors appropriately

Since you are in a business that is all about the visual impact it creates, brands your products accordingly. Keep in mind that you need to use coherent colors for your email signature, visiting cards, website’s main page, and social media pages. Many digital photographers know the psychological impact of colors on the mind and thus they select colors appropriately.

For instance, if your digital prints and photos are covering the theme of love, you can go for a combination of red and white. Similarly, if you are covering nature in your digital prints, you can go for a white and green combination. However, if your focus is on kids and you want to make your brand child-friendly, then you can go for colors like oranges, blues, and purples.

4- Choose the right filters

As a photographer, you must be knowing that the right filter can lift your images significantly and give them a distinct identity. If you want to create a renowned brand for your photos and digital prints, you need to focus on each and every detail. Even a single filter on an image can make a huge difference. So make sure to use the best filters for your photo products showcased on your website.

Apart from that, your WordPress gallery plugins can also help you in creating your distinctive brand. For instance, you can opt for the Envira Gallery to add a special tint to your photos. In this way, you can build a customer base of those who want to have a rustic tint in their photos.

Similarly, you can use the same filter on your photography profile. It will show the consistency in your work. Today, people are looking for consistency and quality in work. If you display this thing in your profile, your digital prints will definitely get a good reach.

5- Select a distinctive style

Nowadays, people want something unique and different. The internet provides all information in a matter of seconds. People want to see something that they have never seen before.

If you want to stand out, select a unique style, and deliver quality. For instance, if you have recently stepped into digital prints, gather some ideas, and evaluate your skills. As per your expertise, select your style. You can also introduce a new style in wedding photography, a new way of newborn photos, and a unique style in nature-loving photos.

6- Connect and engage with your audience

The success of any business not only depends on what you deliver to your customers but also how you make them feel. Customers who are followed up and made to feel a part of what you do, are most likely to turn into your loyal clientele.

So invest your time in communicating with your clients through emails, replies to their comments, and asking for their feedback on your work. This will help in securing your customers and will make them come back to you again and again because of your warm and welcoming gestures.

To summarize, branding is a detailed process and it requires a lot of time and dedication. In order to create a solid brand, research and see how others are branding their photos. Another good option can be to take consultation from companies that provide internet marketing services to help you out.

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