6 Brain-Dead Simple but Astonishingly Effective Strategies to Get Massive Traffic


Well, we all want traffic.

From SEO to Social Media, every blogger strives to get more and more visitors. Toiling day-and-night finding the ‘right keywords’ to sharing among ‘Facebook Groups’, just for the sake of ‘Golden Traffic’.


Especially, in the Internet World with 1 Million+ websites and blogs, the competition has gone intense. Getting into Top 100k websites is more of cracking into MIT. Have you got the weapons rolling for the extreme battle and war?

Blogging might seem easy to get hands-on, but it’s damn tough to master it. There’s no magic in blogging, you have to do it through hard work and determination. Every blogger out there from Darren Rowse to Jon Morrow has earned the credit of ‘Blogging Legends’ through intense passion with hard work. But how did they achieve such a high position for them?

Though hard work is one of the key factors, there’s another secret. Successful Bloggers have been using successful strategies which assure one’s of success. Given, with hard work and determination.

So here are we again, with some secret and successful blogging strategies for more traffic.

#1 Short and Clear Posts

No one likes to read long passages, they need information quick to read and digest. Secondly, they have less time to go through hefty passages which looks more like composition.

Your information should be depicted in forms of short paragraphs. With each short paragraphs expressing some information. You should not express the same information again and again. Also, a shorter post is easy to read and captures attention.

But, Wait!

That doesn’t mean that you should write a 300-words article over a 1000-words article. You should try to write 1000-words articles in the form of short paragraphs.

#2 Focus on Your NICHE

Well, this in fact is one of the elementary blogging lessons every blogger has been taught. The basic reason behind is this—

Suppose you are running a technology-related blog, and suddenly you started posting cooking-related articles. So, any visitors visiting your blog would be generally interested in technology and would expect to find tech-related articles. But when, after finding cooking-related articles, no wonder he would float away from your website.

Blogging will be good to way until you start focusing on a certain niche. Find a niche, stick to it, and start to write posts based on that. After writing 50-60 posts, you would find lots of folks visiting your blog. These folks are generally interested in blogging, and you would soon find your blog as an authority blog in you niche.

#4 Provide Fresh Content and Up-to-Date Information

Try to be ahead from others in providing up-to-date information. Everybody wants to stay ahead with fresh news and information. Help them to achieve that. Blogging is much of helping others.

Especially, time is running fast. With the coming of days, we come to see more things including new technologies, and people want to know more about it, and you can just do it by providing them what they need.

Not only tech, you need to be attached to your niche and know the latest trends of the niche.

The blog-o-sphere much works on the quote—‘First come, First Served’. First come here stands for the latest articles, and first served stands for visitors. If you are latest, you would get the most visitors. This greatly works for news-related websites, who need to report every bit of news.

#5 Catchy and Attractive Designs

Alongside content, another part you need to emphasis on is design. You need to present your data in an attractive way. Have a look on websites such as Mashable and ShoutMeLoud, alongside great content; they have got an attractive and crisp design which is why they have become so popular today.

Your Design also needs to be responsive as there would be visitors from different mediums such as Phones, Tablets and PCs. One wouldn’t work for all of those. Also, it needs to be speedy; it should load under 10 seconds.

#6 Social Media

It’s a no-non-sense for bloggers. Social Media is indeed a boon for bloggers. For increasing your viewership social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter might work well. Even social networking websites themselves states that they are meant to make new friends and following. Thus, social media can be well used to get lots of visitors.

And, here we come to an end with some blogging strategies for more traffic

I hope this article helped you in finding effective blogging strategies

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