5 Ways to Up Your Instagram Posting Game


You know that feeling. You have spent a considerable amount of time snapping the perfect photo, applying a filter, and crafting the right caption but things don’t seem to go as expected. The response to your post is overwhelmingly low so you start to wonder where you went wrong. Posting on Instagram can be difficult especially if you don’t have the right tactics. If you are struggling to get the right response, here are 5 ways you can use to up your posting game on Instagram.

1. Create Your Own Quote

In the past, regramming (reposting another person’s photo) meant capturing the photo and reposting it to your feed. Part of this involved copying the original caption and tagging the person who shared it. For the most part, these happened when one did not have an idea of how to create their own caption. Today, however, there are tools such as the quote maker that can help you create your caption. With this option, you can create various short design projects like a quote poster which you can easily post to your feed.

2. Advertising

All companies can advertise on social media like Instagram. The use of video ads, photo ads, as well as carousels can help you to achieve that. To grow your brand awareness, you can focus on a certain design aesthetic for the imagery you use. As users scroll down their feed, they will easily identify your ad by simply looking at it.

3. Know Your Message

When it comes to marketing, consumers are usually attracted to brands they can easily identify with. It is therefore important to know what your brand stands for so you can cement your authority. Do this using attractive images and videos and you’ll have your customers coming back because they can relate with a brand that enhances their lifestyle.

4. Consistency

You need to make your posts on a regular basis. Normally, you are advised to post once per day of a few times in a week to ensure consistency of your account. For instance, if your feed deals with yoga, make sure ninety percent of what is being posted is focused on such as a theme. You can then devote the remaining ten percent on random posts which your customers may enjoy.

5. Engage

Your Instagram posts need to be as engaging as possible. Do not allow it to be an island because no one will know that it exists. You can follow different accounts which complement your Instagram account. You can also try your best to comment and like posts that create visibility for your feed because others may as well return the favour. Also, when users comment on your photos, do not hesitate to respond especially when such comments add value to your brand.

Final Word

By combining excellent stories with attractive images on Instagram, you can develop the recognition of your brand as well as improve on your engagement. Just like the case of any other social platforms, the most important thing is to focus on the human aspect of your brand. Follow the guidelines given above, provide unique content, and always ensure consistency.

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