An angry customer can be a nightmare for any company if not handled properly. If you’re following the news, the complaints that Zomato recently received is a perfect example.

Even there are some complaints which are not directly related to you but somehow, you’re involved. For example, if you’re running a company and you’ve distributors. Even if the consumer will have a hard time with distributer, it will be a direct impact on you.

With the evolution of social media, managing complaint is quite important. You don’t know when someone can ruin your brand name if not handled properly.

So, it is a good idea to keep monitoring various social media, complaint board sites, Consumer complaint, etc. And make sure you’ve your representative there to solve the queries.

Now as you know where to check the complaints, it’s time to look at how to manage these consumer complaints effectively.

#1 Keep Your Emotions Aside

There are times when you know you’re not wrong but your customers write the negative reviews. In that case what best you can do is, keep your emotion aside and handle it politely.

Make sure you’re replying with a positive tone and ensuring that their experience won’t be negative going forward. And if you can solve their problem, that’s great to have.

#2 Have the plan to encourage positive reviews

Yes, that’s important!

You should always encourage the positive reviews so that they can be your regular customer with some positive flavor. Also, you should have a proper plan to handle negative reviews. This is even important if you’re a small business or growing one. Because a single negative review can highlight others while this is not the case with big brands like Amazon. They can handle a few bad reviews as well.

#3 Try to take the conversation offline as possible

The first thing you should try is not to get into the argument and even if the case is arising then try to make it offline. So, whenever someone is posting a bad review about your business on complaint boards like, first apologize and then ask for the best time you can connect with them. Try to minimize online conversation as much as you can. This will not only understand your customer but also make a personal connection with your angry customer.

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#4 Be precise

While replying to the complaint, you should always be short and precise. This will ensure you to create an additional problem. If the customer is fine with the response/solution you’ve provided, then politely ask the customer if they can edit the complaint and make it as per their current experience. Believe me, in this way, you’ll be able to convert some bad reviews to positive reviews. And these customers will be associated with you for longer.

#5 Have to a dedicated team to manage reviews

You should always have some consumer complaint team which can dedicatedly work on the feedback shared by the customers. Make sure you’re associated with the consumer complaint companies so that immediately you can tackle them easily. For this, the best ways are to have a direct account on these sites and enable the notifications. This will help you get notified immediately when something is posted about you.


These were top 5 ways using which you can manage the bad reviews about your brand and business. The most important point is, always take this as an opportunity to improve your service. Ultimately, it’s the customer reviews which purchase most of the customer to have a business with you.

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If you’re a company, you should follow these steps to serve the customer better.


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