5 Tips How You Can Pack Your Clothes for Moving


Do you have lots of clothes and worried about how to pack them for moving? We’ll help you do this in the best possible ways. If you’re interested in hiring a professional moving company, then Movers NYC can help you do this job in no time. Moving isn’t an easy experience because packing delicate items to clothes and shoes requires a different strategy. So, read this article till the end to find valuable tips for packing your clothes.

5 Tips for Packing Your Clothes for Moving

These five simple tips can make packing your clothes easy.

1. Launder and organize clothing

Before starting packing clothes wash them and ensure that they’re stain-free. Let your clothes get dry before folding them. Don’t pack damaged items without repair. Check your closet and find out which clothes are unnecessary.

  • Organize your clothes by family member and season
  • Ensure that all the matching items are in one place and find the right sized box for packing them
  • Get rid of unused clothes as much as possible. It will help you pack only essential clothing
  • Pack clothes according to seasons

All these steps can make your packing process easy.

2. Pack off-season clothes as soon as possible

After organizing clothes, you know which ones are needed and which are off seasonal. After separating them, start packing off-seasonal clothes. Ensure that you won’t be wearing this clothing in the next three or four months after the move.

Don’t forget to label these boxes. It will help you know that you don’t need to Unbox them right away. Moreover, if you want to store your clothing for more time, ensure that you take measures to prevent them from moisture and getting damaged.

3. Separate clothes for the first week

Grab a suitcase and start packing the clothes of each member of the family for the moving week. You need to do this because you won’t be unpacking all the boxes after reaching your new home. Moreover, it can take a few months to unpack boxes completely. Ensure that you put all the essentials like socks and inners for the first week.

4. Choose the best packing method

Remember your moving distance and the number of clothes determine which packing method is best. For example, if you’re traveling across the country, the best way is to keep your clothing sealed. In contrast, if you’re moving to a nearby town, hang your clothes on the back seat of a car.

5. Ways for packing clothes

If you don’t want your clothing to get dirty and lost, use the below-given ways:

  • Move dresser as it is

Most people make mistakes by emptying the dresser. We won’t recommend you to do this. If your dresser contains light clothes like socks and underwear, then you can move it as it is. Before making any decision, let your moving company know about it. If you’re moving within the same city, use stretch wraps to secure the dresser.

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  • Use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes

They’re tall in size and ensure that clothes don’t get dirty and wrinkled. More importantly, they are easy to use. Take the clothes out of the closet and hang them on the rod present in the wardrobe box. It might be an expensive option, but if you don’t want to dry clean and iron everything, choose this option.

  • Use vacuum bags for packing clothes

You can use garbage and vacuum bags to prevent your clothing from being getting dirty. Vacuum-sealed bags can hold more clothes, so they’re the best option. They’re suitable for off-season clothes because you can put them into storage after reaching your new home.

  • Wrap clothes in plastic bags

Plastic bags are similar to garbage bags, but they offer some advantages:

  • They’re not slippery
  • You can use them to secure clothes
  • They can help tightly wrap the precise amount of clothes

So, you can choose any of the methods mentioned above for packing clothes according to your ease and need.

Final Words

Packing clothes for moving can be tricky, and a wrong decision can ruin your clothes in no time. So, ensure that you choose the right packing method and seek a professional company’s help for this task.

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