5 SEO Trends To Follow To Dominate Search In 2022


Google algorithm keeps on evolving and getting better every single year. This breakthrough algorithm is designed to build and recognize the most relevant and reliable information on the internet.

That means we can expect SEO in 2022 to be more competitive yet reliable.

Google has made it clear that they want to prioritize high-quality content over anything else. This can be a chance for small businesses to play on the same field alongside the big names.

To generate organic traffic for your business website, you need to have the right SEO trends at your disposal and strategize accordingly.

Today, we are going to cover vital information about SEO Trends that might help you dominate the searches in 2022.

How Will SEO Look Like In 2022?

Search engine optimization has always been one of the effective methods to attract audiences to your business website. And the SEO trends still continue.

Therefore, it is important to stay up to date with the latest SEO practices and revamp the content strategies to get the desired result.

Since 2021 has been the year when most businesses aimed to survive, 2022 will be the year where they will start spreading their wings and expand their business.

In that case, SEO might be one of the core strategies.

To dominate the searches on the search engine, you need to ensure that your SEO campaign includes the following.

1. Keep Your Security Plugin Updated 

With more and more businesses stepping into the digital field, the digital space is becoming a hunting ground for hackers. With things becoming more convenient (thanks to technology), security still remains a major concern.

When launching a new website, you must ensure its security and keep the security plugin updated. If you have a website with outdated plugs, update it using the pirate bay.

2. Optimized Zero-Clicks Searches

Zero-click search is a new concept that helps users get the answer they are looking for without actually clicking anything after their search query. This happens with all the featured snippets, graphical representation, and Google’s local pack.

With these features at the disposal, with a simple query search, google showcases all the relevant information. The information is enough to make people understand the query.

3. Local SEO

In 2022 local SEO might be more prioritized over the overall SEO. This is because of the generation of the Zero-Click searches. You can optimize your content and online presence with a ‘Near Me’, ‘Address’, or ‘Phone Numbers’.

To achieve a complete online presence, you need to have Strong Local SEO. A specific feature of local SEO is that it not just creates a backlink to your website but makes your online presence Google worthy.

4. Optimize Your Website For Voice Searches

With the increased use of mobile devices and more than 70% of the searches happening on mobile, voice searches are becoming a trend to follow. Voice search has been a part of trends for a couple of years already.

But with the new technological advancement, voice searches keep upgrading, making it hard to keep it out of the list of latest SEO trends every year.

5. Target Snippet Results

As search engines continue to evolve, you can expect a better search experience. One of the ways Google has actually started to enhance their SERP is by adding a feature like Feature Snippet.

A featured snippet is usually the rectangular box you see above RANK 1 results. Most marketers call this the Position 0 ranking. Featured snippets have proven beneficial, with more than 54% of clicks generated from feature snippets.


Every time you think you have figured out SEO, you will see rules changing and taking different forms. We must always keep our fingers on the pulse, change our marketing strategies based on the rhythmic change, and adjust our work to the new challenges.

Although we have listed down the top trends, this is not the end of the list. If you want to know more about SEO and how it will outline itself in 2022, contact us. We will get you a more elaborate and relevant answer.

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