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5 Reasons to Choose MonoVM VPS Hosting For Your Business Websites And WordPress Blogs

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Last Updated on September 17, 2020

One search can give you hundreds of advertisements and results on the screen. You can choose any web hosting company that is offering a VPS server package. However, you should take a lot of things into account, or else, you will end up regretting the decision. First-timers would enjoy the few days, but it becomes misery after you see the VPS server keep failing to load and response time decreases. You can register a domain anywhere but you cannot purchase VPS web hosting from any service provider.

What is MonoVM?

MonoVM is a web hosting company that is offering a wide-range of hosting packages to the customers including so many businesses. We are focusing on the VPS server package because it is affordable, and we have to look at the important aspects to ensure that you are getting price-to-value quality. We are going to look at five reasons why you should go with MonoVM web hosting and it will help you in making the final decision.

  1. Operating System

System administrators have preferred operating system to meet the requirements and maintain it without external assistance. MonoVM does not limit your ability and enables you to work on your terms. Users can choose from Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, and Debian.

You don’t have to learn a new interface because you can choose to run the project on the Windows Server operating system, and it has a native Windows 10 interface. If you are familiar with Ubuntu, then you can go with Linux because it costs lesser and is efficient as Windows Server OS.

  1. Enterprise-grade Hardware

Many web hosting provider’s compromise with the quality to meet the low-cost solutions. However, MonoVM did not compromise with the hardware and brought you enterprise-grade hardware on the specification sheet.

You can run your project on Intel or AMD high-end CPUs and other components. For instance, you can select Intel Xeon E3 (1230 V2) or AMD EPYC 2.4GHz (16-Core 7351P) processor, and you can customize the cart. If your web-application requires RAM, then you can select from 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB, and this is enough memory for any application in the server.

Furthermore, the VPS Servers can load the files faster with the help of 120 GB SSD, 250 GB SSD, 480 GB SSD, and combine with 1 TB HDD. Your company can run an important application on Solid State Drive (SSD) and store remaining files in 1 TB Hard Disk (HDD).

  1. High Performance (VMware vSphere 6.0)

One must invest in performance and that’s what we believe here, and the “VMware vSphere 6.0” based VPS Server maintains stability, and give you the performance of a lifetime. MonoVM utilizes RAID technology for optimized storage and maintains quality in the server, so you get the best out of your investment.

Of course, you are going to make your website optimized for the customers, visitors, and readers. However, you will never face any delays or downtime or bad server response time, and that will encourage the visitors to come back again. Good server response time and website performance improve rankings in search engines.

  1. Data Protection Laws

In 2020, privacy is a major factor because corporates data and civilian data have become a new source called “Data Oil” and many companies are trying to acquire it legally and illegally. Every company, no matter how big or small it is wants to protect it from prying eyes and that’s a big deal in this generation.

MonoVM headquarters is in Lithuania and this country comes under European Union. Lithuania has implemented the GDPR Data Protection Law in the country in 2018 to ensure that companies, individuals, and foreigners data are being secured, and nobody can exploit it. Even if your foreign country government orders to get a hold of the data, then GDPR Privacy Policy will protect you.

  1. Pricing

If you have landed on this page, then you are looking for a quality web hosting provider. Pricing makes a huge difference as everyone has a different budget, and this is where MonoVM shines through. You can purchase a decent server at your budget, and experience the best out of VPS Server.

Choose any Linux operating system and get your hands on VPS Server for $6 per month. Overall, you can host your website or project on a high-quality VPS Server under a budget, and you have many options available here.

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Bottom Line

MonoVM is a value-for-money web hosting company that offers many features. The Lithuanian-based company has a dedicated English-speaking support team and you can raise the problem using three contact modes.

Phone Number: +370 5 205 5502


Live Chat: Login into your account.

You can approach the well-trained customer service team to solve server-related problems. Let us know what do you think about MonoVM in the comment section below.


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