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SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become a key to success for most of the organizations. Companies are investing heavily on SEO so as to make sure that their website ranks high.

When it comes to tech companies then an important point to note is that their target customers are tech-savvy and the market is flooded with a lot of competition. Thus, the competition to outshine others becomes fiercer.

Let us say you may find a number of digital marketing service providers in the market, but to make sure that your company drives the maximum traffic, you need to make your website rank high, capture more attention and have engaging content. Well, HQSEO is a company that helps you understand how can grow your IT company and make the best out of its online presence.

Here are some of the shortlisted points that we think are necessary to make your company grow:

1. Search the right keyword- Search Engine rankings are affected by keywords. As a business owner, you must know what keywords your buyer or target customers would search. There are many online tools that would help you identify keywords and then analyse your progress on ranking for them.

A keyword which is low in competition and has a sizeable search volume and is pertaining to your technology service is best for you. So make sure you select such keywords which match all the aforementioned parameters. Finalize the keywords and then create an SEO landing page for every keyword, it is also known as pillar page. Make sure that you have keywords in title, images, meta description and page copy.

2. Know Your Audience– Knowing your target customers is a must to become a success in the virtual world. Today, you may find a number of companies who are your competitors making every effort to rank themselves high on search engine. As mentioned above, you first need to search the right keyword. You must know what kind of keywords your target audience would be using to search for a particular IT service. This can only happen when you know your customers well.

Make sure that you regularly review keywords in Google Adwords and other keyword search tools so that you are aware of what the customers are targeting. Based on this research, you can modify your content.

3. Regularly publish on pillar page– Merely driving traffic to your website is important but what seen more imperative is that the viewer should find the right information on your pillar page. For example, you have focussed your pillar page on the graphic designing consultant, then you must make sure to add fresh and interesting content pertaining to this keyword so that the viewer can get the right help.

You can add regular blogs which should be :

  • Explaining technology topics related to your business niche or services that you provide.
  • Interviews
  • The latest development in your business arena
  • Analysis of the current market trend etc.

All this information is beneficial for the people who are visiting your website and will hold them. The time which the viewer spends on the website is also an important factor in determining the ranking of the website on the search engine.

4. Work on the page loading time– Its good to have a staggering website, but what’s even more important is that the website loading time should be less. If it takes too much time to load on the laptop or mobile, the customer might just lose interest in the website.

Furthermore, Google may penalize for slow websites and the websites that have higher bounce rate. You would definitely not want this to happen so make sure that you check the website load time before hosting it on the server.

5. Go for Geo-targeted Web pages– Around 20% searches on Google are based on location. For example, people search for a good website designing company in XYZ city. So, make sure that your web pages are specific to cities, regions or areas. This will help in improving the visibility and also help in boosting the ranking. People are always looking for a local company and if your website is able to come in the rankings of the list then you have won the battle.

Our SEO agency has been rendering SEO services to a number of companies from different industries, says company founder.


As a business owner, it is important that you must make use of all the resources that can help in boosting your business. SEO has become the need of the hour but simply focussing on keywords won’t be helpful, it is important to take other aspects into consideration to make the most of the online presence.