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In this fast-paced world, there is a vast need to remember all of the tasks and execute them with perfection. But due to human limitations, we tend to forget a few of the less critical projects or some of the old functions that have more extended deadlines.

Therefore, we require the use of extensive technology to create to-do lists for organizing our day to day work practices. This article focuses on describing the five best To-Do Apps for iOS, which can make your life easier and keep your tasks organized in a better way.

The Best To-Do Apps for iOS:

Although there are hundreds of to-do applications on the iOS Store at present, it is tough to find out the best application to match your specific requirements. Therefore, in this article, we have compiled a list of the five best To-Do Apps for iOS, which have a wide range of features. We have discussed the features extensively so that you get to know which application you require and which one would be a waste of effort for you, as all of the applications have a different approach design.


This application tops the list of the Best To-Do Apps for iOS because it has comprehensive features. Using Evernote, you can organize your complete list of work by recording the tasks as notes, memos as well as checklists. It can remind you of all your projects, including reading for your kids and you.

The use of notes features is also to store ideas that you might forget later on, and the search feature enhances the usability of this application. The users can take their notes in a variety of formats such as images, PDF documents, audio, video, web clips, etc. The camera of the device becomes handy when you have to scan and comment on certain things that you come across.

This application has everything covered — it seems like a complete package of different applications into one. This application also provides a sync feature across all your devices so that you can use Evernote on your tablet, laptop, and phone simultaneously.

The utility of this To-Do app for iOS is great for people in business, students, and all other professionals who can use this app to plan their holidays, schedule their lectures and seminars without missing them. A home screen widget always keeps this app accessible to you on your devices as well.


If it comes to the user interface, the Bear app will top the list of the Best To-Do Apps for iOS. The user interface of the Bear app provides for the interlinking of tasks, which makes the work of the users very easy when they have to switch to other to-do lists.

For example, you can check out the mandatory task list for the day by a simple click, which is highlighted on your daily to-do list to access it — it’s just one click. The notes you make on the Bear app are searchable and organizable into different categories.

This application has a separate feature for ideas where you can list down and make notes related to your plans. Another exciting feature that makes the Bear app highly reputed and reliable is its encryption algorithm.

A strong password can save your notes and to-do lists to protect your privacy, and nobody gets to know more than what they should. Just like most of the other apps, the Bear app also allows the users to add voice notes and graphical images to their text notes — to make them look cooler.

Also, the reminder feature comes out to be very helpful when you’re running out of time, as it will help you to recall the critical tasks that you might have been missing. However, with so many great features, there comes a small drawback of this application. The Bear app is free to use only on a single device; that is, if you want to sync your devices, you will have to pay almost $15 for a year. But then, this app is still coming way too cheap.


The approach of Todoist over organizing the tasks is somewhat different and pretty good. It uses rewards to keep you motivated as you’re working on your responsibilities throughout the day. This app will never let you miss any deadlines after you’ve told this app about them. Also, there is no chance that you can feel demotivated because, with every successful completion of the task, your rewards multiply.

The tracker of the progress tells you the streak of your completion, and you won’t want to break it. This application has features to prioritize your tasks and also pin the regular functions, which save your time from re-entering repetitive tasks.

When this application integrates itself with your other task trackers such as Slack, Google Calendar, and others, one reaches larger efficiency. Also, this application will sync your devices effectively, and you can easily look through your to-do list across all your devices.


Ever since Wunderlist was taken over by Microsoft, it has seen stability in growth, and that has been possible only because of its simple user interface. This application has a dedicated feature of assigning tasks and subtasks so that you can organize your works easily. Also, one can prepare separate lists for different duties that prevent users from messing up the entire to-do list. ‘

Another exciting feature that the users love is the 3D task capturing, where your charges appear on the home screen to remind you every time you use your phone or computer. It is an excellent alternative to Taskworld.

However, what makes it different from the other best To-Do Apps for iOS is that you can share the to-do lists with your friends and colleagues and receive inputs as well. It is possible as you can assign tasks to others using a single list. One can also use attachments and notes to create detailed task lists and set reminders and deadlines to organize the entire work.


If you’re more of a gamer, then the Habitica app is for you. This game-like to-do list app creates an avatar for your game, and you need to finish the tasks to win the game. You get to level up points for completing your tasks successfully and lose health when you fail to accomplish any goal. It keeps you motivated throughout time and also helps you to remember the specific project that you need to carry out.

Based on your performance in real life, your avatar will fight monsters and win battles. The closer you finish to the deadline, the more health your character loses. Also, another great feature of this application is that when you perform well, you get hold, which can fetch you real-life rewards, such as learning to watch a TV show. Above all, the app is available for free, which makes it in the list of the Best To-Do Apps for iOS and is a must-try app for sure.


These were the five best To-Do Apps for iOS, which provide a quality output to the users. While the users might have to spend a few dollars for some of these useful apps, all of them are free to use until you want only the basic features. Every application mentioned in this post has a unique feature and will help you to choose the best To-Do App for iOS, based on your requirements.