If you have spent any amount of time building a website on the Internet, you’re probably familiar with the Wix brand name. They have a vast portfolio of website building tools that can help you build everything from a bustling online store to a one-page resume website! But when you have such a huge bevy of products as Wix does, it can be easy to lose track of what new features are coming out and what applets or tools have been updated.

So today we will try to make a list of all our favorite Wix features that have been released over the past few months that we think might have slipped under your radar! Of course, this list is not even close to comprehensive so if we did miss out on any of your favorite features, comment down below and we will make sure to keep an eye out for them in our next installment!

1. Wix Tools to Make Your Site GDPR Compliant

Many of you might have heard of the strict rules and regulations that have been imposed by the EU for all websites that have access to data of any person living inside the European Union. This means your website could face serious legal ramifications if it doesn’t follow GDPR compliance and is visited by someone from the EU. Now since there is a lot of legal jargon involved, making sure your site follows all the rules is a pretty complicated task, especially if you try to do it all manually. Wix however, has your back and has one-click solutions that will make sure that all the parts of your website abide the new laws.

In order to protect privacy on the web, Wix gives you the possibility to allow your own site visitors ask for their data easily, and also erase it in one click if they wish to do so.

2. Wix Logo Maker

The Wix Logo Maker has already become pretty popular among the Wix user base for its ease of use and customizability which means that even non-graphic designers can create a professional looking logo at just a fraction of the cost. And now to make that deal even sweeter, Wix is offering a free website with the colour scheme and logo of your creation pre-applied. If you were waiting to pull the trigger on purchasing one of your creations from Wix Logo Maker, well then there is no better time than now! Of course, this update also brings in new functionality as the Logo Maker can now rotate taglines and texts to create an even more unique looking brand identity!

3. Wix ADI

The Wix Website designing AI has received a pretty substantial upgrade and now it even integrates Wix video functionalities. This means that your new website can be designed out of the box with Wix ADI and it can include a video plugin built in. The popularity of social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram just goes to show how popular videos are across the Internet and this is just one more way Wix lets you customise your website so that you can stand out from the rest of the competition. Oh, and as an added bonus, Wix ADI now also includes support for chatbots which means you can directly chat with your customers to understand their problems and lead to better conversion numbers.

4. Wix Bookings

Wix now allows you to handle bookings and payments for various gigs right from your very own website. Now, this is a big deal because implementing a payment gateway into a website is pretty much a coding nightmare as many website builders would readily point out. Now with the new Wix Booking module, you can let customers choose and pay for multiple courses over multiple durations all at the same time.

This means that customers no longer have to go through the same repetitive process over and over again which means you would get less customer burnout! And if you have coding skills, Wix has opened up Wix Bookings for developers to access via Wix Code. This means you can now customise your bookings at a very granular level for each and every one of your visitors, customising it based on geographic location, duration of the courses chosen and even past purchases.

5. Wix Video

Now we saved the best for the last- Wix video now supports comments! That’s not all, Wix is also providing a full-fledged Video manager that lets you perform basic edits as well as scheduling actions for your videos right from the web interface.

I know this might seem like a very small improvement on paper, but as most content creators are well aware, interaction with your fan base is one of the most important aspects of creating new videos for your audience. With this step, Wix Video has taken a giant step forward towards rivaling other industry giants like YouTube and twitch when it comes to embedded video in websites!