5 Irresistible Tips to Get Most Out of from your Mobile E-commerce Sites [How To]


Last updated on August 24th, 2021 at 10:27 pm

Mobile e-commerce websites always strive to create a unique and pleasant shopping experience for their users. Here is how you can help in bettering the shopping experience of the users that come to your website.A few years back we saw the beginning of online shopping. Now we are at a time where online businesses are booming. Most companies have realized that having an e-commerce store is probably more important than having a physical store.  Businesses are no longer targeting only the local market they want to cater to a nationwide or global audience. There is cut throat competition and companies are trying their best to provide their users with the best shopping experience so that they can come back for more.


But in the last couple of years e-commerce stores have also started moving unto the mobile platform. The use of Smartphones has skyrocketed in the last couple of years and millions of users now prefer surfing the web using their Smartphones.  So for any e-commerce site it is important that they also cater to their mobile audience. Even for the mobile audience, the vital part is the user experience. So how do we cater to the mobile audience? What changes should we make so that we provide our users with a great shopping experience? Let’s have a look.

Add a Search Box to your Website

Now on a mobile site there hardly any space to show the beauty of your website. So it is important that the users locate the product easily. This is where you need a search filter which is easily visible and with advanced search options the user can locate the products easily and make a purchase. Make sure the search filter is available on all pages so that when a user wants to locate a different product, he can use the search filter right from the webpage he is on.

Exploit the Power of Social Media

E-commerce websites need the help of social media in order to spread the word. If a salesperson suggests a product to a user he might not buy it, but if a friend suggests a product then he will surely buy it. The user should be able to refer your site or the products on your site to his friend circle from your site itself. This will help you gain more exposure and more exposure will lead to more clients.

Is your Website mobile Responsive? 

Responsive web design is a good option for any e-commerce website. They do not have to manage multiple websites and they will also have the advantage of handling everything at one place. You need a site which would change the layout ad grids on its own according to the device that the consumer is using. Your website should be able to change the look according to the device. The key is to maintain the look and feel, readability, and shopping experience irrespective of the device.

Design and Flexibility

Flexibility is a very important factor of every e-commerce website.  The design of the website is expected to be flexible because the data on your website is being accessed by people using various devices. So the designers need to make changes keeping all the devices in mind. Make sure that the screen resolution and readability is not compromised.

Follow the Current Trends

Change is something that takes place from time to time in the e-commerce industry. So it is necessary that every website changes according to the passing times. New trends keeping emerging from time to time and so it is important that an e-commerce website adopt new trends and be always up to date. You cannot afford to look worn out and old to your customers and so adopt the changing trends and that will help you attract more customers.  Dare to bring in your own trends or else change according to the trends others bring.  This will help you to connect with your audience and help in creating a good shopping experience for your users.

And that was it. Hope you have enjoyed this article. Let’s make our e-commerce a great success by following these awesome tips. Let me know your comments and feedbacks. Share your thoughts.

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  • Great tips! I think that it’s crucial to have good ecommerce software the software I’m using at the moment is very flexible and it’s included features have really helped my business to grow and thrive.

  • And i agree to the highest level with your ‘exploit the power of social media” haha. i do that a lot of times! they can definitely be helpful!

    • Exactly Jen. These days, most of my traffic are coming from social platforms like Facebook and Google plus apart from Google. So, it’s a nice idea. Also it has got some SEO important too. 😀 Thanks for commenting.

  • These tips are awesome! Mobile e-commerce has gone a long way already. People easily adapt to new technologies so the thing like browsing and shopping online thru their mobile phones goes up dramatically and quickly.

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