Here’s an essential guide for selecting best free hosting for WordPress. Whenever we talk about professional blogging, self hosted blogs are the prior choice we opt for. WordPress has become a must have tool for every blogger who wants to take their blogging into the next level. Unlike blogspot, WordPress doesn’t allow self hosting in its own server unless we use services.

What I meant actually is, if you have to go for professional blogging, you may have to invest at least few bucks for domain name and WordPress hosting. Domain names are cheaper than ever in these special offers seasons. We have seen many die hard offers like “End of the world sale”, “Christmas – new year offers” etc.

So I don’t think domain names are no longer making trouble while initiating blogs. So what makes trouble? The hosting of course. Though many companies have dropped their hosting plan prices, a newbie blogger can’t bear the burden of monthly payments without any incomes.

So, are you going to dispose your” pro blogging future”? Definitely not. There are thousand of websites which provides free hosting for WordPress and many other content management systems (CMS). I’m sure that you might have already searched a lot for “free Web hosting”, “free unlimited Web hosting ” etc.

The godfather Google suggests some websites for free hosting as per your search query. Suppose you have chosen one of the websites and started to install WordPress on it. Nice by hearing ah? You would post post contents in your blog and start to dream about five or six digit monthly income as Amit Agarwal or Harsh does.

You may start uploading tons of themes and plugins and reload your blog thousands of time to check your every update. Wait, there’s nightmare is awaiting you. Most probably You would see any of the below statements while loading your blog.

1.’Your account has been terminated for suspicious activity ‘

2.’Account suspended for over bandwidth usage’.

3. ‘Sorry, we will get back soon. Maintenance going on’.

4. ‘500-Internal server error’

5. Forbidden

I’m sure you would definitely be disappointed by loosing all your hard work and time. So making right choice selecting a free hosting is a crucial step.

Here is the most important things to check before going with a free host.

1- Bandwidth and Disc space

This must be the prior choice while selecting a free host. Among this, bandwidth has more importance than the other because once you selected the plan, you can’t change the option in fact. So choose a Web hosting plans which offers enough bandwidth and disc space. If you are a normal webmaster who earns up to 1000 Page views per day, 100 GB bandwidth is enough, assuming that you haven’t added any streaming services in the blog. When we say about disc space, you can install WordPress and almost necessary plugins/themes under 100 MB.

2- Reliability

This is a crucial factor which determine your blog’s future. Ask peer groups about the host and seek if they had any bitter experience with that one. I add some trusted free hosting websites which are in the field for years.






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3- Uptime guarantee

All your work will be in vein if the server is on hibernation. Normally downtime is due to poor UPS/generator backup. So do select a web host which offers 99.9 uptime guarantee.

4- Support and Forums

Suppose you have got an error while modifying your .htaccess file and of course your blog will run away. Like cases there is no other option other hand contacting the team. You won’t get reply for your request if your support team lazy. Boom. Your blog will stay down as long a they resolve issue. So wisely choose sites with better forum support and technical support.

5- Other features and server speed.

Server speed determines the Page loading speed of the blog, not the theme or plug in your install. So understand the server speed of the host and proceed.

Bonus Tip : Free hosting with cPanel X is considered as the finest choice. It’s the most advanced as well as feature loaded control panel. So have a glance on the sites whether it provides cPanel x. Other features include,

* MySQL database limit

* Php, PERL, Ruby on Rails etc script support.

* Auto installer like Fantastico De Luxe or Softaculous.

* Free inbuilt website templates. ( Useless since you use WordPress)

* Protections like hotlink, GNV etc.

* SEO tools and CDN tools like CloudFlare.

Did you find your most suitable host? Move on. Still confusion?, ask us for any kind of help.

Our recommended free hosts




Hope this DIY helped you while choosing the right platform. Do let us know which is your favourite host and it’s features.