The entire world is going crazy about SEO in 2020, and we do not have any idea what is the importance of SEO for real. SEO is extremely important for any article published on the website or the internet.

Every day there is a new business in the market and since the world is up to digitalization so mostly all the businesses are well aware of the digital space.

You must be surprised to know at least 2 million posts are published every day on the internet. Which means that there are 24 posts every second, this will make you realize the kind of competition one has in the field of SEO.

Your SEO will have to be better than your competition to rank better than them.

What does SEO mean?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization by definition but it actually means the art of ranking in the unpaid section of the Search Engine Search Result.

This is also known as an organic listing in the search engine. Search Engine Optimization is done to optimize one’s article in a manner that the Search Engine can show it as a result of a search.

SEO works like magic but your task is to make your content compatible with all the SEO factors. SEO is important all across the world because the platform is the internet, everyone all over the world uses this platform.

If you want your article to rank in Google then you will have to know the techniques of ranking in google.

5 Important Points to Remember About SEO 2020

The SEO has been changed already as soon as 2020 set in but we are still not ready to accept the facts that have brought changes to the SEO factors. Some of the SEO factors which have already been changed but we are still waiting for the implementation of the factors.

1. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets will continue to rule the world in 2020 also but they will have to appropriate as demanded by the Search Engines. A featured snippet is a search query in the search engine. In Google, the featured snippet is shown above the paid and unpaid results in SERP.

Featured snippets have shown a lot of improvement in the past few years in the search results of the Search Engine. They mainly aim for a question-based search result.

If you know there is also a section below each of the page as “People may also ask”. Featured snippets recommend the usage of such questions for better results.


BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) enables anyone to train their own question answering system. This change in Algorithm has immensely changed all the factors of SEO in Search Engines.

Bert impacts one result out of the 10 results. Content Marketers and SEO experts who implement Bert automatically increase their chances of ranking in the search engine.

This works in the details of the query and is also applicable for conversational marketing in which their prepositions also count in the result.

Bert is used by Google to understand natural language and not optimized language.

3. Voice Search

Voice Search is an important factor of SEO that has already been implemented and that is crazier than any other kind of SEO optimization.

It has been found out that there were 22 million voice searches in 2017 only, now that number has been increased to 20% more.

Voice search has become very popular over the years and the websites that have voice searches are ranking towards the first ones of the best site on the internet. This technology has helped them to gather more target audiences for their site.

The effectiveness of long-tail keywords is immense so through the voice search the long tail keyword is used which gives the exact result to the user.

Another important factor is written your content in bullet will help you rank better in Google than just writing in paragraphs because readers like to read in pointers.

4. Digitalization

The basic mantra of the market currently is just being digital. As soon as the digital world started to become clear to the Marketers, they started to adopt the digital platform gladly.

It has been observed that the customers have loved the digital experience of the business after which most of the CEOs have entered the digital competition.

One of the most important factors is the page loading because great content means nothing if your page does not load quickly because then the visitors will leave the site if they fail to get the result quickly.

Successful businessmen and great businessmen believe in making a customer relationship for long-term success in the market. From the very first day of a customer with their business, they try to give the best output and result to their customers.

When you have your customers, you must focus on their requirements and try to avoid them from turning down relations with you.

5. Video Being the New King

We have always heard that Google loves content, but the new saying is Google loves Video content. Video content is liked by users so the result of the videos is likely to increase at least 50% more than the written content.

It is suggested that you must create more YouTube content and at least create some space in video-based digital platforms such as TikTok, Helo, etc.

The above mentioned 5 pointers are the 5 most important things that one should know about SEO in 2020. There many other such updates of 2020 but these are the basic ones which one must follow in 2020 to make their content rank better in the search engine.

Mobile SEO Statistics – That You Don’t Know

We are already aware of the SEO changes that are going to take place in 2020 and we also know that how helpful will they be for our Content Marketing. Now let us take a look at the Mobile SEO statistics which is also important for your consumers.

Incredible Mobile Users in 2020

It has been suspected that there will be 221 million mobile phone users in the year 2020. In 2014 the mobile users in the US were 133.6 million and in 2017 the mobile users were 196.5 million which has now been expected to increase up to 221 million.

Google Searches through Mobile

Mobile being the handiest and always accessible, the search rate through mobile phones is much higher than it is from a laptop or a computer.

Mobile Friendly

People like visiting sites that are mobile-friendly or optimized to their mobile phones. At least 51% of the mobile users are trusted audience, they are likely to be our potential target audience.

Least Load Time

Smart Phone users like sites which loads in the least time, because users do not have time to waste. Ideally, the time consumed must be 5 seconds or less than 5 seconds in mobile otherwise the viewers would move out of your site.

Voice Search

More than 27% of internet users are now greatly reliable on voice search. New online applications in smartphones and iOS like Siri, Alexa and Cortana have been introduced to make voice search easy.

It is highly recommended to optimize mobile SEO in order to do great SEO in 2020. All the above-mentioned SEO tactics will help you reign Digital marketing in 2020.

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