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A resume is an important part of anyone’s career. When you’re starting your career or looking to change the organization, it’s the resume that makes the first impression. Usually, recruiters ask for your resume to understand whether you’re a suitable profile for the position or not.

And so, utmost care should be given when creating a professional resume. There are a few components that must be in your resume and we are going to talk about the same today. If you want your candidature to be ahead of the others, you need to ensure your resume is better than others for the initial selection. To make your resume stand out, you may use a CV maker as well which can make your resume better.

Let’s now talk about the 5 important components of a professional resume.

#1 Contact section

Your resume should clearly have the contact details. You should keep your email id, mobile number, address, etc. for the contact section. In fact, keep the mobile number and email id at the top of the resume so that it can be clearly visible to the recruiter whenever needed. This is important as whenever someone needs to connect with you, they don’t have to search for it and can find it easily. Usually, recruiters have 100s of candidates for a single position and it’s not possible to save everyone’s number and so keeping at the top helps a lot.

#2 Resume profile section

This is another important section and contains various elements like-

  • Resume profile- Should show a quick snippet of your profile, skills summary, and experience.
  • Resume objective- It should show what kind of profile you are looking for. It will help your potential employer understand what you are looking for in the next assignment.
  • Resume summary- This can be an optional section where you can put a line or a couple of lines sharing your experience, achievement, expertise, etc.

#3 Experience

This is another important component of a resume. Especially when you’re an experienced professional make sure you’re explaining your past experience well in order for your next employer to understand what you have done so far. You can list your experience in descending order. This means the recent company should come first followed by the other companies where you have worked. You should also write the following details in the experience section-

  • Company name for which you have worked
  • Duration in which you have worked
  • Client name (if allowed to mention)
  • Highlights of the work you have done in that assignment

#4 Education

Your resume should also have a section for educational summary where you should keep all the educational summary since 10th standard. Again make sure to keep your educational details in descending order keeping the highest degree at the top followed by the others. You should mention the college you have attended, CGPA or percentage, the year when you have passed, and major study fields.

#5 Skills

Last but not the least, your resume should list out all the top skills you have. This helps when the recruiter is looking for some specific skills and in that case, they don’t have to search here and there and directly they can find it.


These were the 5 components you must have in your resume. Along with all these, you can also mention your top achievements, awards, external publications, etc which you think should be relevant and can show your strong points to your next employer.


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