5 Google Ads Tricks You Should Know


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These days we are all trying to stand out and find our place on the internet. Reading this, you’re probably asking: How?

The answer is simple- use Google Ads. If you are a beginner, these are five tricks with Google Ads, you need to know:

1. Optimizing negative keywords

With this process, you’re helping your ads to reach just the most relevant searches. Let’s say that you own a flower shop, and the example of a negative keyword would be “chocolate flower arrangements.” Yes, this phrase includes “flower arrangement,” but this is not relevant for your business. Not every traffic is good traffic, remember that.

When your potential customers realize that you can’t offer them the service they are looking for- they’ll leave your website. Maybe you should try to optimize your negative keywords to help your customers see your ads and website. Keyword research services can help you make a list of the phrases and keywords your potential clients are searching for.

2. Use Ad extensions

Ad extensions are giving people reasons to trust you and to choose your business. This is just a shortlist of the most used ones:

  • Callout Extensions – They appear with your search ads and highlight additional benefits of your product or company.For example:
  • Free shipping
  • No service fees
  • Free cancellation
  • Local agents
  • Easy to use
  • Sitelink Extensions – They take people to specific places on your website. You can have as many as eight Sitelinks on your ads. When you write it, keep it short, up to 25 characters. If you notice that impressions are low, that should be a sign to change something.
  • Structure Snippet – These are extensions that can highlight some specific aspects of your services. You can use a shortlist of headers you can choose from Brands, Courses, Types, Models, and others.

3. Make it personal

Words like “us,” “we,” “I,” or “myself” can be misunderstood as a failure to focus on a customer’s needs, which is the first rule you’ll need to learn if you want to be successful. Just try to avoid them. Instead of that, use “you.” Remember that your goal is to make your customer pleased enough to give you a recommendation.

4. Use UTM codes

UTM codes are small parts of a text you can add to a link to give Google Analytics a little more information about every connection. If you’re constantly using the internet to publish more and more links every day, this will be very helpful for your business. UTM codes will help you see where your traffic is coming from, how much traffic you are getting, and more.

Using Google Analytics, without any investments, you can add some parameters to a link because it’s free. You’ll need to fill in some fields like the website URL, the campaign name, and the campaign source. After finishing that, you’ll be able to see where your traffic is coming from.

5. Optimize your landing page

The point with all of this is to make an ad that would be useful for your customers. Think about it. If you are making an ad, your goal is to create an ad that someone clicks one. As a representative of your company, you need to help people and offer them exactly what they are looking for. Your ad can contain something like “50% off, only today,” but if your potential customers enter your site and see that you’re not able to offer that- they’re going to find another place. So, optimize your landing page with some special offers that you can follow through with.

These tricks can be useful for optimizing your selling and promoting your business. Be free to try everything and remember that your main purpose is to make your client satisfied.

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