Every DJs career ambitions stem from a passion for music and the belief that they can create unique mixes that will dazzle crowds and stimulate audiences’ auditory senses across the globe. However, this naked ambition and raw enthusiasm is not enough to become a sensational DJ.

DJs need equipment. From the get-go, DJs are expected to provide the necessary gear for their gigs. One commonly held misconception among beginner DJs is that they need all the bells and whistles before they can start playing gigs. This isn’t true. While you will need some equipment, the list isn’t extensive and the simpler the setup, the easier it will be to learn the craft. Here are the five essential pieces of gear that every DJ should have before they start playing gigs.

1. Speakers

DJ speakers are the first thing many aspiring DJs purchase. A good set of speakers will allow you to turn any wedding venue into a party. Ensure your set up has an accommodating sub-woofer for low frequencies, plastic injection molding enclosures for portability, and the necessary output and thru options to connect to other equipment in your chain.

2. A Mixer

The right mixer will allow you to seamlessly mix tracks, add effects and adjust the gain, treble and bass functions. Beginners can learn the craft with a basic midi console. These are light and portable and offer all the basic functions of DJing. However, once you have learnt the craft, you may want something that offers more functions and creative avenues.

3. A Laptop

Most DJs use a laptop as their primary music storage unit. As a result, a laptop with your music stored on the hard drive for offline use is essential for any DJ. Some DJs are adamant in their preference for Mac laptops. However, in reality, whether you use Mac or PC will not impact your DJing capabilities, only the software you load on it.

4. Headphones

Headphones should be one of the first items you purchase for your DJing setup. You should invest in a good pair of headphones specifically designed for DJing. They usually have sound-cancelling capabilities to allow the DJ to line up the next song in the midst of the noise of a busy nightclub or venue.

Headphones are also a DJs protection from ear damage incurred by spending night-after-night in a loud environment. For this reason, they are not something that should be scrimped on.

5. Software

With dozens of DJing software widely available for purchase online, it can be difficult making the selection of which one to use. Your software should match your current level of DJing. While you are learning the craft, a basic software will do. As you begin to outgrow your software, you should begin looking for something with more functions and capabilities.

As with all of these essential pieces of equipment, as you progress along you DJ career and your skills (and finances) outgrow your equipment, you will be able to purchase new gear and bolster your setup. But for any beginner DJ, these essentials will be enough to put you on the path to DJ stardom and allow you to start playing your own gigs.


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