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In 2020 and beyond, various technology trends will be accessible in the construction industry to make the entire industry more efficient to give aster results. Some of these technology trends may include:

1. Use of green technologies

In 2020, the emergence of several eco-friendly technologies is expected. These technologies will help in completing a construction project in an eco-friendly manner by assisting the crew in managing planning, demolition, maintenance, and completion efficiently. Some of the existing technology trends will also help in:

  • Recycling cigarette butts to make bricks
  • Running AC nits with thermal power
  • Scrubbing building facades with carbon

By using the right technologies and the best safety equipment like Orion flares barricades, and traffic cones, etc. you can make construction sites the safest place for the people working there along with improving their efficiency to the maximum level.

2. Management Software

In 2020, many construction companies will increasingly use technology-based software to manage their construction projects more efficiently. Some of these software trends can help in improving efficiency on construction sites by:

  • Tracking the changes in construction sites in real-time
  • Managing employee’s safety more efficiently
  • Making inventory and ordering supplies when running out of stock
  • Ensuring immediate delivery of supplies
  • Planning logistics and drop shipping
  • International communications

The managers at construction sites can use these software options to get real-time information on the progress of the project.

They can control the things happening there, alert people working on-site and make changes as soon as possible when required. It can also help in reducing errors, increasing productivity, and avoid wastage of materials at a construction project.

3. Safety Equipment

People working at construction sites usually wear helmets and goggles to ensure their safety. However, the latest technological trends have introduced various other safety gear for them like Orion flares and safety boots with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS trackers so that their safety can be ensured in an emergency condition by tracking their location.

The real-time information provided by the GPS also can help the management to use its workers in a better way as well as keeping an eye on the workers working on different projects.

In this way, the trendy technologies will help in reducing accidents at the construction sites and making them more efficient.

4. AR & VR

At some workplaces, training in augmented reality or AR and virtual reality or VR is provided to their employees to improve their productivity and reduce the chances of mistakes at the site.

The trend of these technologies will increase in 2020 and afterword in enhancing the experiences of the employees in their workplace.

During the training program of AR and VR, they will learn the ways to tackle different issues and different situations, according to their position at a construction project. These technologies will help them in viewing a problem from different angles and solving them effectively.

In this way, training in AR and VR can be used by the construction workers as a tool to tackle some of the common mistakes at the construction site, which can change the future of the people working there.

5. Trends of modular or prefabricated construction

In 2020 and afterward, the use of 3D printers is expected to increase to a great extent due to the increasing trend of using prefabricated or modular parts of the building, printed by these printers.

It will also help in reducing the cost of construction by reducing the number of workers as well as completing other projects on time by using the time of the workers spared from other sites.

At present, some of the construction companies have started using prefabricated and modular structures while constructing large buildings like hotels, offices, etc. It reduces the time to finish the task at a construction site.

The use of modular and prefabricated structures is increasing gradually all over the world while constructing several similar looking buildings. It can help in maintaining uniformity of the design even if they are constricted at different sites.

These are some of the construction trends that are already in use in 2020 and are expected to improve in the coming years. All these trends and several others to come can significantly enhance the work culture in the construction industry throughout the world.


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