Influencer marketing is getting popular these days due to it’s ROI. Earlier, organizations used to spend millions on traditional marketing and the ROIs were not so great.

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Instead, the experiment on influencer marketing has been pretty successful. And the Influencers are making money out of it. There are Influencers who make millions just by recommending the products or promoting some brands.

But this is not true for all. If you also want to be an Influencer who makes an impact, this article is for you. Here we are going to talk about 5 important characteristics an Influencer must-have.

#1 Authenticity

This is a very important metric anyone will look for. More than 75% of the companies expect the Influencers to write and promote authentic content to their blogs and social networks. And the bad thing is many fail in it. Many Influencers make a false commitment which gets proved when the kind of ROI the company looks for doesn’t reflect with the Influencer promotion.

The easiest way to be authentic is to promote only those products and services which you think will be right for your audience. If you’re into the tech niche, make sure you’re only promoting the products and services related to tech as your audience is intended for the same. If you’ll promote beauty products, maybe no one will buy. And even though you had a good presence on social media, still the company will think you’re not authentic. So, it’s better to analyze the brand and product you’re promoting, and if you think this is something your followers will be interested in then only promote.

#2 Consistency

This is another top characteristics one should have to be a good Influencer. I have my blog where I have 7k+ subscribers and earlier I used to be regular while sending them emails. But for a few months, I stopped sending the emails. Now when I sent the mail again after again around 7-8 months, the click rate was merely 7%. This is a huge decline in terms of the open rate of the email and the link click rate as well. And the only reason I can think of is consistency. Earlier I used to send weekly emails and was getting good results but due to some unavoidable circumstances, it broke and now such a huge decline. So, if you’re an Influencer maintain consistency in blog posts, social media posts, email communication, webinars, and whatever else you follow to keep your followers engaged.

#3 Tech-savvy

Be tech-savvy!

Yes, it’s required. If there are two visuals, one with a normal image and another with good graphics, it’s obvious, you will have more interacted with the better graphics. So, whenever you post on social media, make sure you use the good graphics there. This helps you to get good CTR on your posts.

#4 Creative

You will usually find Influencers posting posts related to their niche and initially it works. But after some time, their followers get annoyed looking at similar content every now and then. So, the best way to maintain the interest of their follower is to be creative. Ensure that at least some of your posts have humor needed for your followers.

#5 Interaction

I have seen many Influencers stopping interaction with their followers as soon as they gain some popularity. This is bad!

You are an Influencer because you have engaging followers and if you’ll leave them, that’s the end. And so, keep a habit of interacting with them at least on some regular interval so that they will also understand, you’re valued.