5 Card Games You Can Enjoy as a Family


When out of work and school, families often end up running out of activities to engage in as they spend time together. You can therefore do them a favor by finding the best games to play with the rest of the family. Card games are especially instrumental for both children and adults considering they are fun and easier to learn. Purchasing a deck of cards is also cheaper than most other games like board games and chess. After purchasing your deck of cards from Yugioh cards online, here are some of the top five card games that you can learn and enjoy playing as a family today.


Hearts is a card game that has gained popularity over the years with the ability to accommodate over eight players which is what makes it great for families. The only way to win the game is to have the lowest score possible when the game is ending. Players will need to cut the cards while searching for cards with the lowest value as the pack is shared among all the players. The players choose three cards from their hand that they can give to the opponents they are playing with.


It goes without saying that poker is one of the most popular and loved card games on the planet to date. The game is also called Texas Hold’em in some parts of the world and can be enjoyed both online and using a deck of cards. You will need to have a dealer to start the game, chips to use in the game, a deck of cards, and players to commence the game. The game is mostly played in the casino for profit however you can substitute chips with other items to bet with and play the game just for fun.


This is a good card game that a family can enjoy considering it has slots for about six people per game. Each player is given nine cards for the game to start and three of the deck given to each player will be face down. The other three cards will be placed face-up and the remaining will become the hand of the player in question. The round only starts when a player lays three cards or the least possible card down. The players draw cards from the remaining deck through the game until it is depleted before they play their cards either face-up or face-down.


Solitaire is among the famous PC games that people play today however it can also be enjoyed at home. You can choose to either play by yourself or with other players in the family interested in it. One card faces up while the rest are facing down in an equal four stack of cards pile. The only way to win is to arrange the pile of cards in ascending order from the ace to the King. The order could vary based on the color of the card symbol or interchanged based on how you feel.

Crazy eights

It remains by far one of the most entertaining games that can be played at a family level. It is best played by two, however, can be extended to eight players. After distributing about 5 – 7 cards, the rest of the stack is placed on the table facing down for players to draw from. One card is chosen from the stack to be the starting card before you commence playing in order of suit or number as guided. There are 8 wild cards that are used in the game regardless of the order being played.

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