5 Blissful Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral in StumbleUpon


Last updated on February 9th, 2021 at 01:25 pm

Ever wondered how some folks rake in tens of thousands of visitors through StumbleUpon?

Whereas, you; in a measly two-digit figure?


NO, it’s not due to luck. Rather, it’s because of YOU!

You can make your posts, articles or videos go viral over StumbleUpon only with proper inputs. The extent of popularity of StumbleUpon has grown so much, that it’s generally regarded as the ‘the entire Internet, all in one place’. That means heck load of users, isn’t it?

You just need to rake in these visitors to your blog. The difference between you and all those behind-the-viral-posts is they use more vivid and effective ways to rake in visitors; which most probably, you might not even know!

Don’t worry; Get Awesome Instantly Team is here to help you out!

Presenting: how to make your content go viral in StumbleUpon.

#1 Add StumbleUpon Buttons to Your Blog

Well, the best practical ways to get your content viral is by adding up StumbleUpon buttons on your blog. The buttons should be big and prominent. You can add up this button either on the top or bottom. This button should directly link-up to your StumbleUpon profile. The profit? Your readers will get to know more about you.

If your readers like your blog post, then they would surely love to read more articles from you. Thus, a good impression would be imprinted in their minds.

Also, if they like the post, then they would share it among their friend (which increases the chances of getting the content viral).

#2 Using StumbleUpon Ads

Every social networking website looks for advertisements as a source of income. Be it Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon or any else.

The StumbleUpon Ads feature which allows users to submit a page to their article which will be then viewed by other StumbleUpon users. At an average rate of 5 cents per impression, you are bound to get more than hundreds of visitors.

PS: – Try posting your ads on popular pages, so as to get more traffic and visitors

#3 Be Active and Socialize with others

Many of us forget what Social Networking websites what actually means. Social networking websites are meant to get socialize with others from different parts of the world. While, we gladly socialize with others on Facebook and Twitter, we barely do over other websites such as StumbleUpon. This can be well said as the main reason between why some articles get viral and others get forgettable. Let’s get back to how a piece of content gets viral. It’s mainly due to other users which stumble your content. But, you see, most of us quite greed :p

We won’t stumble others’ article until they stumble ours’. So check other’s content, read and rate it.

#4 Leave back comments

It’s the elaborated version of the #3. Don’t just ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs done’; rather leave back comments too. Comments show that you are interested in their content.

While commenting, do leave comments which are reasonable and meaningful which adds up to the conversation, rather than leaving comments such as ‘Nice post’.

#5 Choose those content that are prone to go VIRAL

Last, but not the least.

Choose those posts which have to potential to get viral. Best piece of advice is that choose among the top 5 posts of your blog. As, this are the posts which people loved; there is higher chances of going viral for these posts.

As a general trend, most of the viral posts include ‘how-tos’, countdowns and humor type content. There’s lot of other types too which tends to go viral, but these type have been generally observed. Also, working on the headlines is mostly suggested, as most of the people take the decisions through headlines itself!

What do you think? how to make your content go viral in StumbleUpon?

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