As a brand, you cannot just sign up on Instagram and start selling your products to people. To that, you need the best Instagram Marketing plan. However, if you are wondering what the best ways are would be to master in the game of Instagram marketing then this is the post for you.

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In this article, we will talk about 5 ways to start with Instagram marketing. So, you do not have to struggle in finding ways to promote something online. Instead, you can use these tried and tested methods and get the best result in no time.

So, let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

5 Ways to Start with Instagram Marketing

1. Use Awesome Username

The username is one of the first impression of an account. In case if you are not a brand and, on the way, to becoming an Instagram influencer then try to be creative with your username account. Although brands cannot go for this method since it will look a little awkward.

For example, if you go with an Instagram username like @johnny17, then it will not help you to establish your personal brand. But if you use a username like @cookwithme then it is giving a slight insight about your account and people are more likely to follow you.

2. Upload Quality Photos

Instagram is all about photos, people visit the platform to see something new something cool. That is why you should avoid posting random pictures on your Instagram photos. Instead, you need to post pictures which are top in quality and attractive.

As a brand make sure to use a professional camera to shoot photos. Also, make sure the images are edited perfectly.

You can also write random quotes on the photos to increase the level of engagement.

3. Use Hashtags

Without hashtags, you cannot reach to more people. Since there are so many users, who use a hashtag to discover posts. So, if you are not using any hashtags while posting something on Instagram, you are losing a vast number of engagements.

Even to get hashtag ideas you can analyze your competitor’s profile and see which hashtags they have used the most. Then try to copy those hashtags and use them on your posts and see the results. Hashtags basically help you reach more people and get more views. But if still, you are not getting many views, you can buy Instagram views initially so that you can reach to more people.

4. Run a contest

Instagram is one of the best ways to run a contest. Even, there are lots of brands and individuals who are already doing it. Brands or individuals set up a contest and promise to give away something.

And in return, they ask Instagram users to follow their profile and like a post or any other action. By doing the same, you will be able to get more engagements on your posts and get a bunch of followers.

5. Post Videos

You can also post Instagram videos to grab the user’s reaction. You can create some kind of inspirational video or how-to tutorials. This is also one of the best ways to market anything on Instagram. Just make sure the video is not too long.

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