5 Best Free Farming PC Games You Can Play in 2021


In 2009, Zynga launched an agriculture simulation social network game called Farmville. In less than a year, the Adobe Flash application managed to become the most popular game in the platform, amassing more than 83 million monthly users and over 34 million daily users at its peak. The popularity of Farmville paved the way for the development of other farming simulation games that would soon saturate the gaming market. With such a huge market, other video game developers flooded the market with redundant and even mediocre farming games.

Today, farming simulations, although not as popular as before, still have a decent number of followers from players across the globe. If you are planning to explore this unique game category, then you are in for a treat as we list down the top free-to-play farming simulation games that you can download and play on your PC. So, start up your tractors and come with us as we plow through some of the best farming simulations on PC.

1. Farmville 2 Country Escape & Farmville 2 Tropic Escape

What better way to begin our list than to feature the successors of the game that popularized the category. Farmville 2 Country Escape and Farmville Tropic Escape by Zynga are sequels to the iconic social media game the popularized farming simulations. Compared to the first installment, Farmville 2 Tropic Escape and Farmville 2 Country Escape both feature a more detailed environment, brilliant graphics,, and much more. Not to mention, these games offer more activities other than farming. Check out Farmville 2 Country Escape if you like the country setting and Farmville 2 Tropic Escape if you are more into tropical islands and beaches.

2. Top Farm

Top Farm by MP Force is another free-to-play farming simulation game for anyone who wants to get into the agriculture simulation game category. Top Farm’s focus leans more on the environment-friendly gameplay structure. Crops grown in the game are all organic and the livestock is free-ranged. In addition, Top Farm also allows the player to develop clean and renewable energy to power the green farm. Check out Top Farm if you are more into saving the environment.

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3. Farming Simulator 14

Compared to other titles on our list, Farming Simulator 14 by Giants Software leans more on real farming activities. Specifically, it features realistic farm machines and elements in a rural setting. Moreover, the game allows you to try out realistically rendered farm equipment for land preparation, cultivation, and harvesting. Unleash and show off your farming skills by growing various crops at the comfort of your PC. Get Farming Simulator 14 if you are looking for a realistic farming game that you and your friends can play for free on PC.

4. Kids Farm

As the title suggests, Kids Farm by Games from YovoGames! is a farming simulator for kids. The game features cute and wholesome animal characters. Kids Farm also features engaging and easy-to-learn activities like planting various crops, raising livestock, making honey, and so much more. Keep your kids busy for hours by downloading this fun game on their PC and laptop. Introduce them to the basic elements of farming with Kids Farm!


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5. Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside by DIANDIAN INTERACTIVE HOLDING is one of the few farming simulation games designed for the whole family. Family Farm Seaside features over 600 recipes, unlimited barn space, over 300 types of crops, and much more. In addition, the game also features an ever-growing selection of missions, a Farm beauty queen contest, your very own seaside resort, a gold mine you can explore, etc. What’s more, it has a diverse collection of lovable pets that you can adopt. Download and play Family Farm Seaside if you are looking for a wholesome game for the entire family.

Farming requires dedication and hard work. The thought of farming in video games may sound ridiculous to some people but it’s a great way to spread awareness to those who do not have a clue about how a farm works. To that end, if you are one of those city folks who have never set foot on a farm before, then feel free to check out and play these farming games on our list.

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