People of all ages can be found to indulge in some form of entertainment during their leisure hours. These days, people find mobile devices to be a saviour when it comes to find different types of entertainment categories to choose from. There has been developed numerous entertainment apps that can be downloaded onto the device and run without any effort or hassle. In short, smartphones are said to have become the major source of entertainment.

But with 2.6+ million apps present on the play store waiting to be downloaded and more being introduced every now and then, selecting the best one can be a difficult task. There are numerous apps which can prove to be useful in various ways and help the user to pass his/her time smoothly.

5 best entertainment apps

1. Hotstar: If the desire is to catch up with the TV serial or a movie, then Hotstar is the best place to be. This live streaming app allows the user to watch serials, sports, movies, etc. while on the move! What impresses the most is its smooth streaming and latest movie collection.

It can be downloaded from the PlayStore without any charge. There is also present an ad-free premium membership version that costs little, but offers wonderful watching experience.

2. TuneIn Radio: It is among the very best radio stream apps available boasting of having 1,00,000+ stations. Users can enjoy getting to catch the latest music, favorite news, sports commentary and much more. It also allows searching of music by genre, thus providing the user with what he/she desired.

It can be downloaded without any charge, while Radio Pro costs a small amount and is ad-free. The premium version also allows recording of what is being listened to play it later.

3. SketchBook: There are many who just love to indulge in drawing, doodling, sketching and painting. Autodesk has released SketchBook having a simple and clean interface and allows its users to draw, irrespective of their skill level. Also, drawing experience can be just fluid.

It does have a fabulous Time Lapse recording system to record the drawing progress and to share it with the others. It is free and there is also a pro version having additional features and brushes.

4. 9GAG: The makers of this app claim to make each and every single moment spent on it to be exciting and interesting. It is also among the top apps for fun and giggles, providing gifs and funny pictures in millions that is sure to make the user happy.

It was ranked as the top apps in 2016 in the entertainment category by Google, which has made it to be its personal favorite among others.

5. Soundhound: Those having trouble to recollect the name of a song to listen to it can simply use this app and hum or sing whatever they know in it. The app will recognize instantly the song and offers lyrics in real-time. It also supports hands-free mode. If the DJ is playing an unknown song, the user simply needs to ask the app what is the song and it will provide with instant answer.

You can find all these apps on 9apps Apk, a third-party play store, which has become a great place to get completely entertained.