5 Benefits of Using Coworking Platforms and Applications


Coworking has moved into the mainstream and as its popularity has grown the number of options and solutions has increased, including the fact that tech companies have now started creating software that is designed to make a coworking space and thriving hub of activity.


There are a number of potential benefits attached to using coworking software and with such a strong period of growth when it comes to the number of co-working venues that are opening up, it makes sense to learn what these advantages are.

1. Billing made easy

If you are creating a coworking space that is going to be rented out to many different people each month and every year it could be a bit of a billing nightmare trying to allocate costs, unless you use software that makes it easy to manage.

Traditional billing methods don’t cut it in this scenario but if you use a platform that has been designed with this sort of setup in mind it should prove an easy task to keep on top of all of your finance administration.

2. Go mobile with your coworking software

A clear benefit of using a coworking app is the fact that you can sync the software to a phone or tablet, making it a portable solution that works for everyone connected, wherever they happen to be.

Working on the go is a must-have option for many coworkers and apps make that happen.

3. A virtual receptionist

A coworking space is the high-tech equivalent of a serviced office which features a receptionist who is there to meet and greet and direct calls to the right person.

One of the benefits you can enjoy with a coworking software setup for your office is the ability to employ a virtual receptionist who doesn’t take holidays or cost you a monthly paycheck.

A simple visitor check-in system is easy to create using the right software application and it makes this option a real no-brainer when you compare the cost of employing someone to do the same job.

4. A one-stop solution

It is not a problem to find a coworking software solution that could be classed as a one-stop solution when you consider all the features and options that will be at your disposal.

With just one coworking management software package you could handle all of your space booking requirements and schedules, invoicing, and even sales and marketing tasks.

5. Scalability is important

You not only want your coworking software to be user-friendly with a simple interface but you also want it to be scaleable as demand for coworking space increases.

Being able to tick all these boxes is something you will be able to do and that means that setting up your coworking applications and platforms should be straightforward and with built-in flexibility in the system, upscaling should not present too many challenges.

Creating a coworking space means offering the people using that environment a greater degree of flexibility in comparison to a traditional serviced office option, and that includes providing access to software that provides numerous benefits and modern working solutions.

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