We could all use a dose or serving of knowledge, laughter, and happiness in our everyday lives. Today, you will read through some of the craziest and funniest facts concerning a lot of things. These facts will range around from crazy news, human habits and behavior, and other things that should give you a laugh. Without a doubt, you will feel alive with these oddly funny secondhand embarrassments for humanity.

You might want to reconsider the notion that you already know everything there is to figure out. Some of these facts concern some far-out and even unfamiliar happenings. However, the facts and events you are about to read are weirdly funny and exciting. Read the rest of this article to figure out some of the ridiculous things that happened or are still happening today!

These funny facts will surely brighten your day up. Nothing ever beats a little knowledge about some rarely-discussed things and facts. You can even use these facts as a conversation starter! Use these fun facts to break the ice between your officemates, family, and even friends!

Small Intestine Is Bigger Than The Large Intestine

Our human bodies are pretty weird. An excellent example of this weirdness is the size of the small intestine compared to the large intestine. You would think that something that describes itself through its name holds up on its measurements, right? In the case of the small intestine and large intestine, the small intestine is indeed bigger than the large intestine.

When you take your measuring tape out and compare the small intestine and large intestine, the small intestine measures at 20 ft long, you would think that the large intestine would come in above 21 ft as the name of this body part suggests. However, the large intestine only goes for about 5 ft lengthwise and 3 inches in diameter.

Was there any typo or mistake in naming these body parts? There might be a robust scientific reference to why it is so. However, we cannot resist the urge to find the proportions and the names of these body parts as funny.

Carrots Can Turn You Orange

If ever somehow, you find yourself in a scenario in which you have a lot of carrots as part of your diet, then you could turn orange. Yes, you read that sentence right. The reason for your skin turning orange after eating three carrots a day for consecutive weeks is beta-carotene. The amount of beta-carotene in your blood will surely increase after said three carrots a day diet. You might want to check and consult with your physician to know what the increased beta-carotene on your blood would do to you. Being orange should be perfect for any costume purposes. Other than that, we could not find any reason to turn orange.

Falling Coconuts Kill More People Than Sharks Yearly

You might want to tone down the level of fear you get whenever you find yourself watching the Jaws series. Apparently, falling coconuts are fatal and have been the reason for about 150 human deaths per year. Compare that to shark-related deaths, and you would only arrive at the lowly figure of 5 per year.

With this funny fact, it should not mean that you should find yourself more scared of coconuts than sharks. A coconut will still be a coconut at the end of the day, and a shark is going to be a shark. The chances of a coconut killing you depend on luck. However, a shark is going to kill you whenever you show yourself as a nourishing meal.

You might want to avoid tall coconut trees so you cannot be a part of this falling coconut death statistic. However, you should also stray away from shark-infested waters because sharks are still pretty dangerous even if falling coconuts kill more than them per year.

Someone Hired Another Person To Slap Him When He Checked Facebook

How addicted are you to social media? Most of the social media platforms today, including Facebook, can be pretty addicting. However, how far are you willing to go to shake off your social media addiction? Will you go as far as hiring someone to slap you whenever you check Facebook?

Apparently, a man named Maneesh Sethi once hired a woman for this job. He would pay another person 8 US Dollars to slap him whenever he tried checking Facebook while working. Now, that is one intense and hardcore way of staying off social media!

You could say that Maneesh Sethi dedicated himself to staying away from Facebook. Now, he might have had his own reasons for which we do not know nor have a clue. A reasonable assumption is that he wanted to focus and stay focused while being at work so he resorted to this method for him not to break his focus.

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We hope that you found these four facts as ridiculous and funny as they were for us. These facts undoubtedly helped make our moods better as we found most of them as funny and weird at the same time. You might have never known these facts happened on the same Earth that you and I are living in. Now, you have a pretty bold icebreaker in conversation with these fun facts!


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