Priced at 54k the s4 shocked me. So I went for the alternatives. Of course the phones that I am talking about do not sleep when you close your eyes or sneeze, nor do they try to follow your eyes but then they do a lot of things which will make Samsung galaxy s4 re think its price and what’s so special about the galaxy phones if the name is just a variation of the iphone 4s alias s4.

We have picked up 4 alternatives to the Samsung galaxy s4.

Motorola Razr

Coming from the shelves of Google’s own mobile manufacturing unit Motorola Razr is supposedly one of the best smartphones.

For starters its thinner than Samsung Galazy s4 out there. Also there is no smartphone which can last longer on battery power than Motorola and that was the major concern with s4. With just 7.1 mm thickness and a 1800 mAh battery with significant software improvements to enhance the battery life its a treat.

Going to the feature subset, 4.3 inc Super AMOLED screen, 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 8MP rear camera, 1 GB RAM and 12.5 hours talk time on a 3G network are the main attraction

It runs on Ice cream sandwich and is priced at a convenient 30k


Do you know why some cars are very costly, those luxury cars which are valued at millions, the thing is that they are hand built, assembled with care and  it seems that the HTC phones are hand built, there is an astounding perfection about them that takes your breath away. The materials used have a solid, high-quality, luxury feel to them and the elegantly shaped unibody construction creates some of the most visually appealing designs we’ve seen for some time.

HTC has stripped its Sense interface (this being version 4.0) down to the bare minimum. There’s pretty much less than a handful of elements of the interface which will hint that this is an HTC phone running the Sense interface. The rest is pure Android 4.0.

There are only few things that raise my concern against the Galaxy S4. The One X has 32GB of internal space while the One S and One XL both have 16GB. There is no micro SD capability. So the memory game is won by the Galaxy S4 but, frankly,seeing the price of the s4 and all the features that the one has to offer I would like a toned down memory than empty my pocket.

They have amazingly fast processors, clocking at more than 1.5 Ghz and super AMOLED  screens. HTC actually has the rapid multi-shot and simultaneous video and still image capture modes,which was later copied by Samsung.

iPhone 4S

The galaxy phones were made to compete with the iphones and they are also doing their job pretty well but that does not make the iphone a sore point and iphones are still a favourite. The thing about them is that they are intuitive.

The iPhone 4S is simple, fast, easy-to-use and has as much power as it needs to get any job done effortlessly.

The intelligence of SIRI, the usefulness and overall versatility of Apple maps are something that put Samsung at odd ends and the main features of the iphone.

Again we have the mouth watering retina display, the look and feel and ownership of the iphone which can’t be traded against anything in the world.

The design may be getting repetitive but  for us but it’s a distinctive part of the brand now and we don’t think it looks too bad at all.

Nokia Lumia 900/Lumia 800

As with the HTC One range,  members of Nokia’s Lumia range are on the same level and therefore equally viable. The spec sheet is almost the same. The only differences are the physical size of the handset (the Lumia 900 is larger), the touchscreen size and subsequently the pixel density.

Even though the Lumia 800 has a higher pixel density for its screen the technology behind both displays is very competent indeed and both produce fantastic visuals. Nokia was the first company in the world to introduce a camera in the phone and the Lumnia handsets are particularly designed to keep that fact alive- that when it comes to pics, Nokia is the best

The Nokia Lumia 800/900 has a better aesthetic design and build quality than the Galaxy. Again it has a unibody design which gives a more solid construction than those made from separate front and back panels and overall a much cleaner look too.

Nokia’s high-end Lumia models might not have the same unbridled power as other top-tier devices but the difference is that these run Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

That should not bother you. Having seen the apps that go with the Windows OS one need not feel that a less than perfect os is given to him. The metro platform is fast, easy-to-use and has a slick and interesting layout.

Microsoft does not allow any other app designers to ruin the landscape but the choice of apps is not limited as its the fastest developing app market in the world now.