3 Ways to Grow as a Marketer with E-Learning


As a marketer, it’s not your job to stay ahead of the curve. Your job is to create the curve. To define it. Do you think the team behind those meerkat ads was ever sitting there thinking about catching up with trends? No. They understand that the trick is to know what people want before people know they want it.

What we’re always looking for, as marketers, is creativity. Expression and intuition are the rules of the game. You can try playing it safe, and you may make a reasonable return. However, you might never help your clients reach their highest potential if you never make bold strategies.

You may need to make some changes to how you work, and this includes how you research. Textbooks are out. E-learning is in, and a wave of specialists is changing the landscape faster than you might realize through digital-based media. You can learn more from an internet video in a half-hour than you could from days of reading, and you’ll want to check out these digital formats for research if you plan to take your client to the next level.

Here are some of the best ways to utilize E-learning as a marketer.

1. Use a Forum

We get it. Everyone got Reddit in 2009, and the ‘internet forum’ died. Some people thought niche communities of individuals with specialized knowledge were gone forever.

However, online forums are more accessible and popular than ever before. Using an internet marketing forum is such a good way to meet other professionals who are tired of the nonsense you get dealt in corporate training sessions. On an internet marketing forum, you only hear what people consider worth sharing. Nobody is dealing in filler content.

Signing up for a good internet marketing forum can provide you with niche ideas you’d never considered. It can be a great way to expand your knowledge and utilize the experience of other professionals. It never hurts to read threads and expose yourself to new ideas everyday. Others might be strategizing something you never even considered.

2. TED Talks

Most people don’t watch TED Talks they might not be interested in. You see the topic and think, ‘I don’t have anything to learn on that subject.’

You should think twice before clicking away from a TED Talk video that might help you think of new ideas and gain insight. There’s a reason that person got invited to host a TED Talk. Even if it’s not what they were going for, you can probably get something from listening to as many of these as you can. TED speakers offer insight into not just marketing a business but being a human being, which could work its way into your strategies.

3. Find Your Favorites Teachers

There’s a dazzling array of brilliant marketing experts out there. It’s worth listening to everyone you can. It’s also worth finding the few people whose words hit you where it matters.

Imagine you’re a chef. You love Guy Fieri and can’t stand Gordon Ramsay, but you know they’re both great cooks. But you listen to Guy because things make sense when he talks about them.

If you find someone who makes sense, subscribe to their channels. We all have a school to study in; you just have to find the right one.

Bottom Line

For the pupil to surpass the master, the pupil first must learn everything the master has to offer. Use E-learning in this way. Begin with humility, learn every trick of the trade, and then share your thoughts with clients.

And always talk to your peers. Nobody ever got great by keeping everything to themselves. Using an internet marketing forum can help you develop concepts, troubleshoot, and finally come up with something new.

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