In the modern world of business, it should be recognized that technology plays a vital and integral role. From networked computers and cloud-based applications to the use of portable tablets and business smartphones, technology is everywhere in millions of workplaces. It can serve to improve the efficiency of the workforce, allow projects to be undertaken remotely with a full understanding of task progress, and can help a business make informed decisions on its future. It is estimated that globally, businesses spend $3.5 trillion on technology solutions each year, which includes IT hardware, software, and communication systems. These IT assets can transform the productivity and efficiency of a wide range of businesses. Put simply, the intelligent use of tech is a vital component of any competitive and efficient company across all sectors of industry. In this article, three types of IT are discussed that are vital for many businesses regardless of the industry or sector of the market in which they operate.

Application Programming Interface

Application programming interfaces (or APIs) are common in 2023 and are used by a wide range of companies. Put simply, an API is a software interface that allows two or more specific computer programs to communicate with each other. APIs are incredibly important in any organization that has cloud-based systems or runs multiple applications that need to work together. Traditionally, APIs were controlled by highly qualified IT staff, as there is a need for highly developed programming and coding skills to manage this type of platform. However, in recent years industry has seen the growth of api management solutions. These serve to simplify the process of API management by providing a platform that reduces the complexity of running APIs together and can also add additional layers of security to the process.

Video Conferencing Software

With the rise of hybrid and remote models of work, there has been a greater need to ensure that staff can meet in virtual spaces to hold meetings together. Many employees started using video conferencing software applications during the first waves of the Covid-19 pandemic when remote working became a necessity for millions of workers. Today, the benefits of continuing remote or hybrid models of work are well recognized. They can allow staff to gain greater control of their work/life balance and can also dramatically reduce travel costs which can serve to reduce an organization’s carbon footprint. Here are some of the best video conferencing software platforms in 2023 that are perfectly suited for business purposes.

Data Analytics Platforms

A final example of a key piece of IT for businesses is having access to a sophisticated data analytics platform, such as Microsoft Power BI. This type of application allows businesses to take a wide range of data sources and analyse them together. The data can then provide incredibly useful insights that a business can use to make data-driven decisions and guide the future direction of the enterprise. Analytics software is now commonplace across industries where it can be used to fully understand target markets and customer behaviour or to create performance dashboards that accurately map out where improvements are needed.