To be or not to be there are two main competitors in the WordPress framework market, Thesis from DIYthemes and Genesis from StudioPress. Here I list out the top 3 Reasons to choose Genesis over thesis framework. Since there are hundreds of Thesis V’s Genesis comparisons blooming around us, I’m really not going to compare those two in any aspects as its worthless.

I’ve both the frameworks latest versions, which are Thesis 2 and Genesis 1.9. So I’ve been constantly switching between these to know what really matters. I know, switching between themes may ruin my on Page SEO. I admit, but it’s always to better understand the difference by ourselves rather than reading other’s experience with themes.

I took almost a month to test with the two in all aspects say, SEO, user interface, better indexing, support from the forums, inbuilt features etc. It’s been very hard to set a stand on one of the frameworks and finally I’ve done it. As you can see now, I’m currently using Genesis and trying to adjust every nut and bolt within it.

So, here is the top 3 Reasons Why I should suggest you to go for Genesis over thesis. Opinion may different but feel it, you may definitely support me if you are not a professional coder. I’ve no words to say about Thesis when it comes to hardcore customization. If you are a coder, catch it, Thesis 2 is just for you.

1. Price!!! Price!!! Price!!!

WordPress is a little costly CMS when compared to other blogging platforms like blogger. Here we want to spend in every month or at least in a year. Domains never matter as long as it’s cheaper as 10 $. But hosting is the main headache in self hosted WordPress blogs if you are not receiving any income from your blog. So, it will definitely a burden to buy a costly framework. There is 30 $ dollar difference in between Thesis and Genesis packages. Who else want to spend more money ?

Choice : Genesis, as far as it comes with relatively low price.

2. Ease of Customization

As I said above, Thesis 2 is not for you if you don’t have any (special) skill in coding and designing. I’ve been using Thesis 2 in the very beginning of this month and I remember I spend almost a week to learn about Thesis boxes, plugins and skin editor. It was so hectic to choose a skin and to apply easy (as they say, but I never felt it as easy) drag and drop widget arrangements.

When it comes to Genesis, there are no such confusing options or “easy” drag and drop editors. All you have to install the theme and apply little settings in the theme settings and SEO options. Since Genesis comes with rock solid SEO scripts, you don’t need to install 3rd party plugins like Yoast or All in One SEO.

And one of the most impressive facts about Genesis is it’s amazing collection of plugins like Genesis Simple Hooks, Genesis layout palette etc. When compared to Thesis plugins, these are extremely user friendly and even a Jack can do it. You can play with your child themes as like you want.

Choice : Genesis

3. Child Themes

Can you ever find any skin developed by DIYTHEMES other than the 3rd parties? Definitely not. You’ve to download eye catching skins from other sites in order to use with Thesis framework. Pity on you. They must be premium ones and you have to (again) pay for it to make your blog stunning.

Just consider the default looks of Genesis and Thesis. You will get a decent look at Genesis while your blog looks like a skinny patient in Thesis. There are some collection of good child themes in the StudioPress site both for free and paid. Alternatively you can depend on other resources too. Child themes are extremely customizable and you can build your own unique themes by the help of StudioPress. Simple Hooks plugins are also the best way to create outstanding modifications in the theme.

Choice : Genesis

Miscellaneous Features

I didn’t consider built in SEO capacity, blog loading speed, support from the developers in this post. Both of the frameworks plays extremely well in the above cases. You won’t be disappointed with the above features as long as you use their frameworks.

Over to You

I know you may not have same conclusions as I have and you will have your own points to ponder about your favourite framework. Do let me know which framework you opt and why.