3 Reasons Every Law Firm Should Boost Their Online Marketing


Law firms are businesses, too, and just like any other business, they need online marketing to increase their client base and keep the profits coming. Law firms could not only find clients through traditional means. They could also make use of online marketing to boost their visibility on the internet.

If you have a law firm or work in one and need more reasons to utilize online marketing, this article is for you.

1. Targeting Your Audience

While traditional marketing had always placed the name or logo of businesses on billboards, television, the radio, and periodicals, online marketing is another way of introducing your business. Also known as digital marketing, it has an advantage that the traditional market doesn’t, and that is the strategy to bring your business to those who are likely to be your clients.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing includes tools that’d help you find people who are likely to consider your ads relevant. If conventional marketing pushes advertising and marketing to a wide range of audiences, digital marketing targets quality audiences.

There are means you could employ to call attention to your law firm. Here are some of them.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) applies various methods on websites or web pages so a specific search engine could find them and rank them high among the top search engine result pages (SERP). Simply put, SEO aims to make your website easier to read by search engines.

This is possible by producing SEO-friendly content to attract traffic, using the right keywords, and building backlinks to your site. The law firm website design should also be optimized to make it fast loading, easy to read, and possible to be viewed on various screen sizes.

  • Pay Per Clicks

Paid advertising is another method to get more traffic for your law firm. While it may sound simple, this is a little complex because you’d need to comply with certain search engine regulations. You could, however, enlist the help of an ad agency to assist you in setting up ads, finding out options, and determining how much investment you’d need.

  • Social Media

Social media is a platform business, especially startups, could utilize to their advantage. Your law firm could also take advertising up a notch using a specific social media platform’s advertising feature. Social media marketing is free for the most part. But you could build a consulting or community page at no cost as a way of introducing your law firm to your audience, answer questions, and take in consultations.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is another law firm SEO strategy you could apply to your business. This focuses on publishing free content that’s useful and appealing to your audience.

To make your content effective, it should be able to provide information that’d be helpful and interesting not only to your established audiences but also to your potential clients. The key here is to give something away for free so you could receive something worthwhile in return—new clients.

2. Finding Clients Outside Your Location

Another advantage of digital marketing over the traditional one is the opportunity to find more potential clients outside of your area if your location also hosts other law firms. Using SEO for law firms could help generate leads from various places outside by using relevant keywords, optimizing your website for multiple devices, and using local and outside listings.

The potential reach of online marketing is unlimited unless you want to target a specific location, which is also beneficial. Geographic targeting is associated with advertising to a specific demographic that’s highly likely to seek your services. Unlike online marketing, this has a limited reach, which could enable your firm to establish a presence overseas on a budget. Digital marketing is also cost-effective, unlike the traditional way.

3. Getting Reviews And Client Feedback

The success of your law firm also depends on how it handles cases and how your business is conducted. When your law firm offers a certain kind of service, people deserve to know more about it through online reviews. It’s a way of marketing online but shared by the clients.

To apply this method, you may use a part of your website to feature real testimonials by clients. One way to could get these is by emailing your past clients and asking them for their reviews. You could also get their photos to increase the legitimacy of their testimonials.

Favorable reviews would increase your firm’s reputation and online presence. If you have real testimonials, it could help potential clients who conduct research and investigation on your firm to make quick decisions to do business with your firm.

In Conclusion

Online marketing offers many possibilities to various businesses, law firms included. The goal is to get people to view your website to find out more about your firm. Online marketing is a cost-efficient way to get the word out about your services at little to no cost, with easy-to-do ways and geotargeting features to help the right people find you.

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