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3 Killer Social Media Marketing Plans for Online Business

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2013)

Promoting your business through social media sites can greatly increase your company’s growth. However, advertising your products or services in social media can be daunting, if right strategy is not followed. Here are some of the tips and tricks for social media plans for your business.

Use Facebook Apps

 If you are having an online business than most of your advertising effort must be concentrated online especially social media websites. Facebook gives numerous opportunities to promote and customize your business and online. First step in this process is to create a Facebook page for your online business. After creating business page, you have to obtain a vanity URL, having this type of URL will make it easy customers to find your website.

If you want to change obtained URL, you have to get minimum 25 likes for it. After reaching 25 likes you can go to edit page and change the URL.There are numerous ways to promote your Facebook business page; one way is to publish the post of sales to wall of Facebook. If you want you can post a photo, message, video or link to the wall.

By default when customers search you they land on a Facebook business page, but there are lots of apps available to have a new look and feel of your business page. For this you can make use of some of apps like wildfire and involver, will help you to construct a landing page.

The Power of YouTube

YouTube: It is not just used for posting videos; it can be used as extremely effective professional business tool, where you can share your products and get connected to potential customers. The first step in promoting your business through YouTube is to sign up. Select good user name which is very much related to your business. Before shooting your film for business, know what your customers want to watch.

If your video is interesting then surely you will have clicks and hits for your video, which increases your sales. If your business is advertised in regional channel then you can get that video and post it on the you tube. If you want to properly market your business video then you should optimize your video for right keyword, title, description which is very important as it helps to reach potential customers. Lastly share your video to some of the sites and if you are having blog paste your link on the blog, also post it on the Facebook page.

The Twitter Magic

Twitter: By making proper use of twitter you can reach the potential customers. It is famous because many of business owners tweets about their products and services and solve customer queries online. Many online business owners make use of ecommerce apps like Think Geek it helps to talk to many customers and it is popular for its conversational style and responsiveness. It also helps to grow your network on Twitter. Make proper use of language and tone when interacting with the customers and followers. Some of the other twitter tools you can use are twhirl, TweetDeck, twitterfeeed.

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  • Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are one of the most effective social media marketing tools and platforms that can help improve your social media marketing plans and using this, you can easily engage and communicate with your customers or clients.

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