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Although pay per call advertisements are still one of the most converting ways of advertisement still there is a huge room for improvement. And we are going to talk about how to optimize and improve your pay per call efforts.

As you know the pay per call advertisements usually get converted at around 30% which is way beyond the CPA or form filling form. But still, we need to think that 70% of calls are getting vanished. And as pay per call lead is usually higher than any other form of ads and so, it should be effective with every bit of money expensed.

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Let’s start and see the 3 top ideas which will help you improve the conversion of the calls. If you are a publisher also and promoting some offers from pay per call networks list, you must check these techniques.

#1 Warm transfers

Warm transfer means getting the information of the user before making the calls. You can use the warm transfer to pre-qualified leads. Here in the warm transfer, the idea is to gather information typically in a form. And once the form is filled, the call will be sent to the tracking number given on the ad copy.

With the help if the warm transfer, you are just paying for the call and you are getting the users details as well. You can easily see this with the Facebook ads. When you find an ad on Facebook, you see a sign-up button. Once you click on that first they ask you to fill in the details and then ask you to visit the website or landing page.

Another advantage of warm transfer is it is easy to optimize. Depending on your need, you can customize the form and get the desired details from the users.

#2 Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

You can further optimize the calls after the warm transfer using the IVR. Here with the help of IVR, you can automate the process which will enhance the user experience and will help the user to spend less time on the call.

You can customize your IVR according to the options available. For example, if your company has separate sections for the sales support, tech support, and process support, you can provide the user with three options and ask them to choose.

This will help the user to directly land to the correct section only and avoid unnecessarily waiting on a call and can directly talk to the required people. This doesn’t only save the user’s time but also help you improve the service and also reduce the manual effort needed to resolve the queries.

#3 Call Analytics

The best way to understand why something is not working is the data. Looking at the back data you can understand why something has worked and what not.

For such details, you can use any call tracking software like Ringba which offer the detailed analytics of the calls and help you get the insight and understand the insight.


These were the top 3 ways using which you can further optimize your pay per call leads and get more conversion. Do try these techniques and experienced the improved conversion.

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