Photography is still highly dependent on the quality and high-speed cameras in this digital era. High-quality photos and videos are produced by cameras of high quality.

Different people who depend on camera productions like journalists, filmmakers, and video shooting need cameras they can handhold for quite a long time but still what can produce the needed and competitive quality fair prices. There’s even a quite competitive market for the best digital cameras for kids.

The processor, the lens, the resolution, the sensor, audio connectivity, and manual controls are some of the features one needs to be keen on before purchasing any professional camera.

Some of the best high-speed cameras in the market include:

1. Canon EOS C100 Cinema with Dual Pixel CMOS AF

The features of this camera make it one of the best cameras available for professionals’ videos and photography. It offers speedy, quality and clean productions that capture the attention of many. It is a digital camera easy to use because of the dual pixel. It has the following features;

a. It has a speedy bit rate of 24mbps.

The high-speed shooting provided by this feature helps the user do the work much faster and easier. The producer makes use of every second and covers as much work as possible.

b. It Has a high resolution of 1920*1080

The high resolution produces very clear work where every detail of the image is captured. The work produced by this camera is exceptional whether videos or photographs and any client will be impressed for it is done speedy and quality is produced.

c. It has a super 35mm 8.3mp CMOS sensor and a 2 XLR audio connectors.

The high-quality sensor help capture the image just as it is. The quality sensor helps consume less heat becoming an economical digital camera. It uses less time in the capture and gives a person the intended product. Production of the video is also enhanced where the noise is cut out and the audio is very clear. Microphones can be connected to the camera for long and quality recording.

d. It is light to hand handle, 2.2pounds

The professionals like journalists who move around to cover news and events find this camera light enough to carry on the shoulder for a longer time. It can be carried around for a long and still produce the desired quality.

It’s even preferred by party photographers all around the world.

2. Sony PXW-FS5 XDCAM Super 35 Camera professional camcorder

As the name suggests, the camera is professional friendly. Filmmakers, video producers, photographers, and even video editors in this era of digital work totally depend on it. It is a very quality camera which produces quality work. It has the following features that make it the best in the market:

a. It is made of 4k super 35 Exmor sensor

High quality work of any camera highly depends on its sensor. The sensor of this camera gives quality production whether indoor or outdoor. It is of the sensor that most professionals consider it for speedy work. It gives the chance to slow-motion highly used in filming.

b. It is small in size and light in weight

The weight and size of any professional camera is the main feature to consider before making any move to buy one. Different professional groups work for longhand holding the camera hence the Sony FS5 becomes the best choice for them which are flexible for any shooting style.

c. 4k 30p recording in XAVC Long and 4k 60p/50p in FS format

Raw recording is so long and continuous for this camera, a feature making it ideal and friendly to filmmakers who are required to make a long shooting.

d. It is made of 240fps HFR in full HD and manual use when zooming

Sony FS5 shooting is made easier by this feature. The zooming and slowing down is easier and the quality of the image zoomed is admirable.

e. It has a quality long-lasting battery.

FS5 is consists of a very quality battery that takes so long to work. The camera user is saved from the stress of finding a place to frequently charge especially when they are working at a place that lacks power.

3. Blackmagic Design URSA Min Pro 4.6k Camera

The Blackmagic URSA camera is designed to satisfy the needs of much event coverage. The camera is designed in a way that even those training can easily work with them, work at a speed and produce quality work. The menu is easy to operate. The features of this camera are awesome and they include;

a. Lightweight and small size

The camera is ideal and easy to use in day-to-day event coverage because it is easily carried around on hand. It has a handheld that makes it easier to handle even at loud places.

b. CMOS Sensor of 35mm and a high video resolution of 4608*2592

The sensor is of quality for any speedy production. The shooting is made faster than even combines slowing motions. It can capture so many frames as faster as possible making a long event covered at a shorter time. The high resolutions give very clear images and of the exact colours.

c. Built-in (neutral density) ND filters of 2, 4 and 6 stops

The captured speed of different shots is made easier making long –exposure shots. The shots are balanced in color within a very short time of capture thus producing quality shooting.

d. 4.6k flash card camcorder

The camcorder media type used by this camera is a flash card allowing shooting for a very long time since the user can choose to change the cards anytime.


The best high-speed cameras of this era are of excellent features that make them produce excellent work within the fastest time possible.