3 Best Alternatives to Google Reader for Android


Best 3 Alternatives to Google Reader for Android is here . Google Reader is on the verge of termination due the recent backdrop of Google products and services. So, if you were using Google Reader for a while, it’s obviously an uninteresting action and it also affects the  Android market. Google Reader has been providing ultimate user friendly experience and it was totally an unpredictable movement from the Search engine giant Google.

I’m still wondering why do they gonna stop Google Reader which has been using by millions whilst they still preserving the deserted Orkut. However, their service is supposed to be ending in the middle of July 2013 and they suggested the users to shift within the deadline.

Here we’re dealing with the best 3 alternatives to Google Reader for Android. There are plenty articles about Google Reader alternatives scattered around the internet but I think not many talking about the alternatives for Android devices.

Quickly Transfer Your RSS Feeds from Google Reader

Prior moving to the alternatives list, we should transfer our existing RSS feeds from the Google Reader. Apart from this method, transferring feeds from Google Reader is a tedious job, especially if you have a bunch of feeds.

1.Open Google Reader

2. Go to Reader settings

3.Click Import/Export

4.Click Download your data through Takeout

5.Click Create Archive

6.Click Download

You will be getting an exportable file containing all your current feed lists. It can be used in any of these alternatives to recollect the feeds without any glitch.

3 Best Alternatives to Google Reader for Android

1. Feedly for Android

Feedly is my favourite reading tools after Google Reader. It has come with a well arranged feeding pattern which does not let us bored.

Feedly displays RSS feeds in text
format to give users a digital
magazine-style interface as we got in the Google Reader.

You can also share feeds directly from Feedly over Twitter and Facebook, which is very intuitive for social media addicts. One more thing yo say, it has got an offline reading feature so that you can save the corresponding feed for future offline reading. In short, Feedly is the most potential alternatives to Google Reader for Android.

Get Feedly from here

2. FlipBoard

Flipboard is yet another alternative that can also mentioned in this list after Feedly.

It doesn’t seem to be a great competitor to Feedly but some people like the easy-peacy appearance of Flipboard.

Users can integrate RSS feeds along with all of their social media accounts. So instead of checking your Facebook, Twitter, email, and RSS reader at different times, you can simply take a glance through Flipboard to see the latest updates.
The only thing which I think the bad is its poor data merging functionality. If you are on limited plan, keep in mind that Flipboard can ear eat up your whole data in a single loading. So it’s advisable to use it carefully, preferably with WiFi.

Get Flipboard from here

3. Pulse News

Pulse News has launched with so much expectations but I think it doesn’t got better appearance when compared to Feedly or Flipboard. However, it doesn’t mean Pulse Read is worst. Every app has built with its own pros and cons and this is one the reasons I listed this as last.

But on the other hand, Pulse News is an ideal choice for touch screen lovers. I meant, it has been providing amazing features like left-right swiping for changing feeds, up-down swiping for changing channel etc. This feature is unique for pulse news thus we can’t verdict it as a back bencher.

Pulse News displays feeds in a no-nonsense way, with articles
appearing in boxes that can easily
be edited by the user.

It also supports offline reading as we seen on Feedly. In fact, it’s much better in handling offline reading when it comes to cache consumption. It’s advanced squeezing feature compresses the entire feed into smaller parts which can be recalled for after reading or flight mode reading.

Get Pulse News from here

What’s Next?

Do share this post as it only takes a sneezing time. Sharing is caring and we love it a lot. Do transfer your feeds to any of these best 3 alternatives and forget Google Reader forever.

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