2023: Leading Tools to Speed Up Your App Development


App development is expensive and complicated, irrespective of the niche or category. The expense grows when designers and developers need to put a lot of time into shaping the app product to perfection. On the other hand, complexity only adds to the development time. So by considering these things from the other way round, reducing complexity can decrease development time and cost.

Fortunately, several great design and development tools can reduce complexity, development time, and cost. Businesses flock to app developers because they can develop an app faster and by using the best tools in the market.

Here we will comprehensively describe the top app design and development tools most app projects use.

Parse Server

The primary and most widely-used tool used by most developers for server-side configuration is Parse Server. Parse Server is a popular cloud-based back-end development tool with an open-source license. It offers a gamut of tools to speed up development with ease.

Whether you want to use this tool to create a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Database-as-a-Service (DaaS) instance, it is well-equipped to fulfill your requirements. Let’s quickly look at the key features and capabilities of Parse Server.

· Parse Server is open source and free for any developer to use.

· Parse Server can build separate instances for most reputed cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Google App Engine, and others.

· You have built-in support for both push notifications and file storage.

· The cloud functions of Parse Server allow developers to write simple JavaScript code for facilitating simple and useful tasks.

· Parse Server is highly scalable and customizable to specific app project requirements.

Thanks to Parse Server, developers need to spend far less time developing the building blocks of back-end services or server-side maintenance. Equipped with an array of useful inbuilt server-side development and maintenance tools, it reduces the development time to a great extent.


Fastlane is the ideal tool when an app project wants to utilize the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) protocols. Fastlane makes your job publishing and version control easier by automatically deploying the app for end-users or in beta releases to beta users.

Fastlane comes with a rich repository of automated tools and protocols to pace up the development workflow. Let’s have a quick look at these features and capabilities of Fastlane.

· Fastlane solves all logistic problems in deploying new app versions and updates.

· Simultaneously, two teams work on bug fixing and release the next app version.

· Fastlane allows easy integration with some of the most popular CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis CI, and others.

· Fastlane is an open-source tool allowing developers to contribute to its repository from time to time.

· Fastlane and all its tools are exquisitely documented with all the best developer practices and examples.

With such a rich set of offerings to smooth the development process, Fastlane is a great tool to speed up app development and reduce developers’ efforts and task load.


Paint code is another popular tool app developers can use for free for their iOS, Android, web, and macOS projects. PaintCode saves a lot of time for programmers and coders across the platforms. As an app developer, this is the tool to count upon if you search for a great tool to integrate ready-to-use UI components.

Some of the top features and functionalities of PaintCode include the following.

· It is a time-saving tool for developers as they can save time for revising the code.

· PaintCode is a flexible tool allowing an unmatched scope of customization.

· PaintCode offers comprehensive support for leading OS platforms.

App Design Templates

There can be hardly any doubt that a crisply designed app, most of the time, ranks higher in their respective stores. When it comes to UI/UX design, the process involves a lot of effort and maneuvers, taking a lot of time for an app project to complete. To make this process easier, app designers now use various templating tools.

By using these templates, at least designers can ensure adhering to the best app development and design practices and prevent the major design errors that threaten app success. While design templating engines are plenty in the market, you should always look for the best licensing fees and whether it provides an extensive set of scalable templates or not. It would help if you also went for the templates with the highest scope of customization.

User Feedback Plugins

App project of today mostly prefers agile development or rapid development approach. For such app projects, getting constant user feedback is extremely important. Regardless of the development approach, user feedback always helps your app remain sustainable and maintainable.

When building an app with incremental approaches like Minimum Viable Product (MVP), regularly collecting feedback is paramount. The same is true for app development approaches such as agile and Scrum. These tools allow developers to streamline bug reports, error reports, and user requests into the agile development workflow. This ultimately reduces the app development cycle, and responding to user requests becomes easier.

Summing It Up

Even app development tools continue to evolve as project requirements change fast. As 2023 is knocking at our doors, app developers India has a comprehensive understanding of the leading tools that can quickly speed up the app development process. Though the above list is not exhaustive, it at least represents the best development tools to shape the app development scenario of the future.

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