20 Best Apps to Improve your Smartphone


The Smartphone is known as ‘smart’ because one can choose how the phone works for them. Installing necessary apps is essential for everyone who owns smartphones so that they have personalized phones for them.

20 best apps for smartphone

There are many apps designed by app stores and with over millions of apps to choose from, it is confusing to know what you want and what you need. If you need a homework writing service there are numerous apps to choose from. Apps are divided into different categories and under each category, there are numerous apps to choose from.


  • AVG antivirus – The most essential thing in a smartphone is its security, it needs to be secure from malware threats and viruses and also from theft. This app keeps your phone clean from harmful viruses and malware and it protects your data. The best part is you do not need to manually scan your Smartphone scheduled scans run even without you noticing.
  • NordVPN – An antivirus is great for keeping away dangerous malware but when you connect to public networks you are at risk because other people can intercept your information. This app keeps your information private from individuals and also hides your IP address from advertisers.

Back up

  • LastPass – well, let us be honest, there are numerous apps and sites that require you to sign up. Each one of them demands a new password and with time you realize you cannot keep up remembering all the passwords. LastPass is free and it is a password manager who will generate a unique password for you and stores the password for you so that you don’t have to remember it every time you are signing in.


  • Whatsapp- This app has found an easier way for people to keep in touch across distances. With over millions of users, it has allowed people with common interests come together to form communities to help each other including families, businesses among others.
  • Facebook – This platform is used for communication across a broad audience. Surprisingly, it has become a marketing platform for most upcoming businesses and already established businesses. The privacy setting on Facebook makes it easy to use that is why almost everybody is on Facebook; the old and the young alike.
  • Twitter – Though it uses short messages it is an effective tool for passing on real-time messages across. Connecting with friends and other businesses across the globe means you get to follow their tweets, retweets and see what others are doing.


  • Opera mini – This is widely used among Android phone users and has an interface which one can choose to use either desktop view or the phone view.


  • ROM Toolbox – This is app gives Smartphone users a chance to personalize their phone further including changing the fonts, boot animations, tweak the CPU, and boost memory management on the SD card and the browser.
  • Battery saver – This extends the battery life of your smartphone. It has options which will help you enable battery saving mode and disable it.
  • Evernote – This is a very essential multipurpose tool. You can have it for free or pay a plan. It has to do manager list, a voice recorder, list keeper also used and a note taker and the list is endless of things this tool can do. When you need important information stored such as a business contact just take a picture capture the important details and Evernote will make the information accessible to you on the web on your computer or your Smartphone.


  • Go launcher – Gives the user of a smartphone the in-depth customization of the phone. It supports numerous widgets, themes, and plug-in.


  • Music paradise – You get a chance to download music into your phone for free. The interface has a music player which is inbuilt that allows one to listen to downloaded music.
  • Comixology Comics – If you are a lover of comics then this free app will give you access to comic books. You can have unlimited access to comics in the long box and storefront.
  • Netflix – This is a mobile video streaming app which is leading in video streaming. Netflix is changing the notion that watching videos is to pass time to keeping up with the latest shows.
  • Spotify – Gives you different options when listening to music because it allows you to custom make your own mixes and it supports playback from one device to another. Photography
  • Instagram – Available for smartphones after capturing photos and before sharing one can apply effects and filters to create effects on photos.


  •  Google drive – This is a powerful app because it adds storage space to your Smartphone. Also, using the app you can create and edit files from your Smartphone.


  • Podcasts – Catch up with the latest news, or learn developments on a certain topic and the best part is you can listen to entertaining stories.


  • Google maps – This is useful for everybody as it walks with you whenever you need to get directions to a particular place. It has options for you to explore the nearby features which can be pictured in the map.


  • SwiftKey – This app came to save time from constant taping to key in every letter in the keypad. It makes it easy to type as soon as you start typing it brings different words and you choose the word you intend to use. This is smart typing.

Owning a Smartphone is good, but for optimum performance, it needs to work for you. The only way to make it work for you is by installing apps which are essential and which will enhance your experience as you use the smartphone. Apps are the best way to cope with my essays for a perfect finish.

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