seo increase website traffic

If there is a quick remedy to boost traffic websites, everyone will pay a fortune to have one. Well, when it comes to tech, nothing comes easy. Patience is essential, even as you use affordable SEO services. When you apply all the white hat methods, you automatically generate more traffic on your site, as you enjoy top ranks from the search engines. Let’s get started with 15 points that will drive you there quickly:

1. Add your custom link.

While adding your website in your business card has somehow worked, a custom link might work with an intriguing headline. Consider an attractive-rich loading page, and add a short and straightforward URL that a user will easily remember. It may have a better impact than a website link.

2. Audit your site with excellent tools.

It is one of the significant points to start to figure out where you stand in terms of your site performance. An essential tool to use is SEMrush. Then develop a game plan to improve as you focus on development opportunities. One proven way is through SEO. If you’ve previously ignored it, now it’s a wakeup call for you. You can find affordable SEO services at your rescue.

3. Polish your old content

Now it’s time to dig up your archives so you can give an excellent old content a new face. Make your site shine with newness and relevant articles, which will be a delight to your users. As a result, it will attract more readers, better ranking, and add up your traffic.

4. Make use of podcast


Use your expertise and talk to people about it. Tap on an area that you are particularly well-conversant. Keep the fire burning, invite some influential people to your podcast, and alert your audience so they can look forward to the conversation.

5. Speed up your website

It’s all in vain if you have such fantastic content in your site, beautiful structure, and all other SEO strategies applied with a slow web speed. Get this; it’s like pushing a door that won’t open. No matter what is inside, you will leave. The same happens to a slow website; people take a hike because they don’t have the patience. The reality-it is a competitive world, why wait while there are so many options out there? If you don’t speed up your site, you risk a high bounce rate, which is the opposite of your intention.

6. Offer promos on your site

Naturally, the word free calls out loud to the majority, to even those who can afford it.  A tactic that marketers learned, and they utilize it most of the time. First, it helps build your email list. Then encourage them to share the information in their social media; it creates more audiences. If you doubt yourself, get affordable SEO services to advise you more on online marketing.

7. Have SlideShare content in your site

When this is well-articulated, it may land you on a popular section of another homepage where they have good traffic. SlideShare is a vast social network with a high impact that you need to tap into.

8. Partner with other companies

You need to build referral programs with the companies you are partnering with, such as B2B. The process can be through email marketing or mentioning their site. You will have the advantage of getting some of their traffic to your website. It happens to be excellent customer acquisition.

9. Diverse on marketing

If you want to create awareness, which you do, then the way to go is to advertise and market your site through a variety of platforms. Find out where the majority of people are so that you can go there. The vast people on social media will amaze you, which starts from the young to old. All categories of users are there, strategize and get them to your website.

10. Participate in social media

There’s nothing that pisses you off like a conversation started by a blogger, and then he disappears in thin air. People come in and participate, and they are left talking to each other. That can result in losing out big time, because they can, however, link up to other useful platforms. All you need to do is confine yourself to be social. Network and stay active in community participation so others can get to know you.

11. Optimize to have a responsive site

Since you are seeking to maximize your site traffic, then you have to be sharp. Your web needs to be accessible through other devices apart from the desktop. Think global, think big, think mobile. And put in mind there are all sorts of small gadgets that will also be checking your site, which is vital to have a clear view despite their size. Optimize your website with all this in their favor.

12. Capture user’s attention with a video

Even those who don’t know how to read or see a video clip on your site will stop and watch. Videos are more striking to the eye than content. Whether you are marketing or trying to be informative, make them a bit silly and funny. It is what will capture people’s attention more.

13. Use a stunning headline.

When you look stunning, everyone wants to stop and stare at you. And that is the same effect you should get when you give your audience a stunning headline. Sample several titles before settling for the takers. Don’t just put a name blindly after committing to great content. People will never read it anyway.

14. Start tweeting

If you are not on twitter by now, you must be the only person who is left out. People on Twitter use hashtags with a related topic which others follow to see and answer the flow of the questions linked to the hashtag. It is a great way to get traffic.

15. Get subscribers from YouTube advertisements.

Most people have recently discovered the impact of fetching traffic through subscribers. Since a video is more informative with instructions and better explanations, people would check instead. Your first presentation should be exciting, with useful information. That’s the only way people will subscribe to your video. Give them a link to click to your website for more insights.

In conclusion, by now, you must be looking forward to starting exploring most of these points shared. Since they are useful, go ahead and experiment. If you are amongst those who feel it’s tedious to do all these, or maybe you hardly get time, there are affordable SEO services that can come to your aid. Leave it to experts and deal with something else.