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Let’s suppose you have a high-quality niche product or service but no online presence. The following digital marketing blogs are excellent for marketing newbies. Proper branding, content planning, optimization, promotion, and advertising are as important as the product itself.

Below is a list of reputable marketing sources that will most certainly come in handy for both entrepreneurs and entry-level marketers.

#1: Moz Blog

DR: 91

DA: 88

Moz is a complete educational and analytical tool specializing in the problems of SEO-optimization. The main goal of the Moz blog is to attract customers and increase traffic. Here there are courses for beginners, sort of SEO for dummies, as well as a variety of content, which deals with a whole team of specialists. It is worth to mention the “WhiteBoard Friday” rubric. It contains short video tutorials on Internet marketing topics that are quite easy-to-understand.

#2: DigitalMarketer Blog

DR: 80

DA: 61

This blog focuses on the secrets of internet marketing. How to build a clientele and keep it? What issues should be considered, if you want to always stay afloat? What content and advertising are perfect for social networks? – These are only a few questions that DigitalMarketer helps to answer. Here anyone can sign a contract for training, become a partner, improve professional skills by participating in online seminars. In other words, the resource offers plenty of opportunities to develop yourself and grow your business.

#3: Neil Patel’s Blog

DR: 91

DA: 87

One of the most well-known SEO hackers, Neil Patel, made his name recognizable in the digital space. His blog is a real treasure for SEO diggers and an excellent example of how to create expert articles. Readability, design, visibility, and completeness of information are all at the highest level. A short video accompanies each of Neil’s articles. The complete collection can be found on his channel. Two other blogs worth reading with useful materials from the same author and his great team are Quick Sprout and Crazy Egg.

#4: Ahrefs Blog

DR: 88

DA: 73

Ahrefs is definitely one of the best digital marketing blogs and most highly regarded SEO blogs online. Joshua Hardwicke and Tim Soulo, who manage Ahrefs blog, take care to ensure that each text is top notch and teaches their readers to use their self-titled popular tools for analyzing the site reference mass with the best results.

#5: GotchSEO

DR: 71

DA: 40

Gotch SEO Academy is a must for any SEO, regardless of the business model.

Gotch SEO includes one more blog with detailed SEO guides for beginners. Besides, on Gotch SEO blog are fascinating articles on topics related to the provision of SEO services (how to get rid of a toxic client, how to learn SEO, why you should avoid “affordable” SEO, etc.).

#6: Traackr

DR: 71

DA: 58

Traackr Blog is also among the best digital marketing blogs. The articles cover all sorts of topics, primarily related to the role of an opinionleader in marketing, along with the peculiarities of cooperation with the social media stars. In Traackr, one can also find success stories of companies which work with opinion leaders, what perfectly demonstrates the effectiveness of this resource.

#7: BuzzSumo

DR: 86

DA: 73

BuzzSumo SEO tool, favored by content marketers in various countries, provides comprehensive information on the most relevant content. It helps internet marketers stay up to date with what tricks and strategies work and what don’t. Such a large amount of data also allows BuzzSumo to create detailed articles based on the analyzed information. Such an approach can be extremely useful for content marketers, link builders, SEO-specialists, analytics, copywriters’ career, and so on.

#8: Marketo

DR: 86

DA: 74

Marketo is a great reputable resource dedicated to the successful promotion of any business SEO. To become a successful entrepreneur, we recommend to subscribe and receive specialized mail, either weekly or daily. A large team of skilled specialists creates articles for Marketo. Therefore, the topics and their disclosure are always original, acute, and undoubtedly useful.

#9: SEMrush

DR: 89

DA: 81

Almost 300 pages with excellent articles that help solve problems of digital marketers and give impetus to the development of their own ideas. The YouTube channel of SEMrush publishes useful videos on SEO, content marketing, site auditing, etc. Online broadcasts are made regularly.

#10: Search Engine Journal

DR: 89

DA: 85

Search Engine Journal is an excellent magazine with excellent content written in an understandable manner. The subjects are diverse: SEO promotion and tools for tracking its ranking, Google’s neural compatibility methodology, issues of updating existing digital content, and much more. Subscribers of the Search Engine Journal can become acquainted with interesting exclusive books, view recordings on YouTube, listen to podcasts, and receive newsletters for the latest news.

#11: HubSpot

DR: 92

DA: 91

HubSpot blog is visited by millions of users every month. This is one of the best-known blogs covering digital marketing. The resource covers every possible marketing matter, including employment. The texts on the HubSpot blog are efficient and incredibly detailed. The blog is compact, as in it is detailed but does not have millions of pages. If you take the time to read a few of their best publications, you will definitely learn a lot about digital marketing.

#12: GrowthLab

DR: 68

DA: 53

Ramit Sethi (one of the highest grossing contributors to the New York Times) decided to launch GrowthLab to pay more attention to entrepreneurship, internet marketing and the ways to live a productive life. GrowthLab is the blog which helps entrepreneurs to find real-life cases and tactics to build a genuinely sustainable business online.

Last But Not the Least: Google Webmaster Central

Both beginners and site owners worldwide use Google’s webmaster tools to diagnose, monitor and optimize their sites. So, not surprisingly, many who seek a piece of advice on digital marketing turn to Google Webmaster Central Blog as a trusted resource.


As you can see, today, there is a vast number of competent blogs devoted to the topic of internet marketing. For the best result, SEO-neophytes should take into account the specifics of their business and the chosen SEO tools. Explore some of the most popular blogs to choose the most suitable optimization patterns for your particular tasks and aims.

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