When it comes to professional blogging, WordPress has always been the prior choice. WordPress plugins play crucial role in making WordPress as the second to none choice. Over twenty thousand plugins are added in the WordPress plugins repository and still counting.

For bloggers, plugins are something which saves time, mental strain and coding. It helps to add cool features and visual effects to the blog without structuring and compiling complex codes.

Being a WordPress user, I utilise most  out of the plugins and here I share the 11 unavoidable WordPress plugins you should definitely install.

1. Better WP Security

I would say, Better WP security plugin is the life saver of many WordPress users like me. It identifies and suggests almost 90 % vulnerabilities in a blog. Its functioning seems to be as that of a premium plugin but surprisingly it’s a free plugin.

After installation, you may see the 4 coloured suggestion notes indicating the current vulnerabilities to be fixed. Red, Orange, Blue and Green signals indicate the different states of your existing security status.

You can protect your databases, htaccess files, core files and .ini files within the plugin dashboard itself. Moreover, it reduces the use of 3 other plugins say, Database backup, Limit login attempts and Broken link checker.

All the above mentioned functions can be set in the single plugin itself. I personally suggest you to install this awesome plugin at the high rate.

2. Contact Form 7

For every blogs, “Contact Us” page is a must and it’s also considered as one of the authority factors. So, this plugin adds a simple yet effective contact form that can be easily integrated into the “Contact Us” page.

There are many alternatives to this plugin but why I recommend this because of its simplicity and less laggy uptime. After installing, simply go to the plugin settings page and fill necessary boxes such as the recipient email, content type etc.

You will get a short code after this that can be inserted to the “Contact Us” page.

3. No self Pings

Did you ever think what makes blogs out of the box rather than normal websites? Yes, its ability to ping directories ( search engine as well as submission directories) in order to get maximum advantage of indexing.

Faster page indexing means better pinging and healthy pages. WordPress allows to manually set the ping list within the settings menu. But improper pinging may really kill your blog regardless of your content quality.

Let’s talk an example. Suppose you wrote a blog post having 1000 words and published it. Sometimes you may want to edit any phrases or words in the post. But every time you update the post, WordPress will automatically send the pings to the corresponding directory.

Unfortunately, most of the directories haven’t blessed with the ability to identify the changes that you were making in every updates. What’s over, your blog may be banned due to excessive pinging, generalised as “Ping Spam”.

This plugin efficiently manages your pinging and helps you to stay away from ping spam issue.

4. Google XML Sitemaps v3 for qTranslate

Sitemaps are considered as the backbone of off page SEO. In order to get maximum benefit from search engines, you’ve to submit a sitemap to respective search engine webmaster Tools.

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com to better index your blog with qTranslate support.

This is pretty much similar to “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin but I should go for this plugin. Because, sometimes Google XML plugin make conflicts with the submission and couldn’t properly set the prioritized indexing.

But this plugin makes indexing without any hassle. Just install, mark some boxes and relax.

5. nRelate Related Posts

There might be hundreds of related posts plugins, but this plugin seems to be the most efficient, responsive related posts plugin. You can adjust the post counts, thumbnail size and even the array.

It’s proved that related post widgets significantly increases user engagement, Page views and play a vital role in decreasing the bounce rates.

This one is cool, Fast and recommended in my own opinion.

6. SEO Auto Links & Related Posts

It’s one among the smartest plugin ever invented for automatic SEO benefits without any effort. It smartly interlink your posts based on tags. Internal linking is considered as the must do process for gaining competent ranking in search engines.

Frankly saying, this plugin has improved my SERPs by automatic interlinking my posts. Most of the times, I blog from my android phone and it could have been more difficult to internal link if I don’t use this awesome plugin.

SEO Auto Links & Related Posts main features are auto create internal link, add related posts below content, and show slide out related posts in the bottom right corner when visitor scroll down and reach the end of article.

Internal linking from mobile blogging is much difficult as we do in “Insights” plugin. It’s really a boon to all mobile bloggers like me. Thumbs up.

7. Shareaholic* | share buttons, analytics, related content

Shareholic simply adds bookmarking, sharing buttons below every posts much more features and I would say, it’s a Rocking plugin.

It makes sharing easier than ever before by adding cool stunning icons in the page. You can also track your traffic stats using the built in analytics tracker.

Shareaholic adds a (X)HTML compliant
list of social bookmarking icons to
each of your posts.

8. Spam Free WordPress

You may wonder why I didn’t say a word about Akismet plugin. From my personal experience, Akismet is a crap. I was getting some (more) spam comments even after installing Akismet.

I have been using the free version and I think it might be the reason. However, “Spam Free WordPress” is an excellent alternative to Akismet. I didn’t get a single spam comment after installing this plugin.

It uses anonymous password
authentication to achieve 100%
automated spam blocking with zero false positives, plus a few more features.

9. Comment Luv

Comment luv is a revolutionary plugin that directly converts your reader to a commenter. It significantly increases comments by promoting commenter blog posts below the comments.

It encourages readers to leave a comment at least for link building and post promotion. Comment luv has a premium version which enables you to add specific keywords corresponding to the post to be promoted.

10. Subscribe To Comments

This plugin let us to register for a comment. You will be notified whenever your comment gets a reply. This is also another plugin to increase Page views without any extra job. You can gain returning visitors by using this plugin.

11. W3 Total Cache

W3TC is the ultimate WordPress performance plugin. It has come with tremendous features and unlimited options. Actually, I may write a separate post to explain about its usage and optimizations tips.

If you use any kind of Content Delivery Network (CDN), you can supercharge your blog along with this plugin. I suggest you to sign up for CloudFlare and optimize with W3TC. Let’s see what happens.

It’s also the The highest rated and most complete WordPress performance plugin. Dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site. Add browser, page, object and Database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN) to WordPress.

I have intentionally missed some Must have Plugins that could be seen on other posts. Some of them are WordPress SEO, SEO by Yoast, Newsletters/subscriber box etc. Why I missed those because all if these plugins are mentioned in all posts regarding Essential plugins.

So, What’s up Buddy?

Sharing, that’s all I need now. I’ve suffered very much to post this long post from mobile. So, please shower your love in terms of sharing. It only takes a minute. Also drop your valuable comments regarding your plugin list.


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  1. Murtaza Nimuchwala Reply

    Awesome List,
    Thank you very Much, just have a question, if we use two seo plugins together then will it harm our Blog or its rankings
    As I am using SEOPresor and WordPress SEo by yoast together but as they are increasing CPU usage on hosting Server, I wanna delete one. Which one should i keep
    my Website: http://modemtweaks.com

    • Sid Reply

      Hi Murtaza,it’s not recommended to use multiple seo plugins simultaneously. It may definitely harm your posts as well as host. However, if you have SEOPressor, forget about all other plugins. It’s great plugin ever invented to create fully optimised posts. Thanks and stay with us 😀

  2. I develop WordPress sites, and I have a local XAMPP But every time when I post anything I personally need to update Live database for the every post.tell me something how can get a mechanism so that if I posted something on localhost that will automatically get updated on live server.

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