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Last updated on January 24th, 2018 at 03:56 pm

According to the ManageWP, more than 37 million websites are running on the popular CMS WordPress. The content management system is known as WordPress, where even we have hosted our sites online.

WordPress considered as the website solution for Blogs, Business sites, and small E-commerce sites. But, do not mistake that it can run a dynamic site.

10Web.IO Review

When we talk about WordPress, we cannot miss 10Web because they have solved the major problem many people had in the online world.

However, not many people in the 2018 year do not have much knowledge about 10Web, which we are going to minimize a little.

What is 10Web?

10Web is a WordPress based company who has plenty of products for the people who want to get their business online.

10Web has many products, but they all are all-in-one pack.

What do you need to get your website online?

  1. A domain.
  2. A hosting account.

That is all right? Nope, you are certainly wrong. One and are the main ingredient to get your site online, but there are many things which are missing out.

10Web fills the rest of them.

How do 10Web solve your problem?

We know that many of you have this question in your mind, which we are going to answer.

WordPress Themes – The company offers more than sixty+ themes to get your website online.

We know that many of you cannot afford a designer to get your site online, so    10Web keeping that problem in mind, they have built themes.

Even someone who is a beginner will be able to build a site from scratch with the help of detailed documentation.

For those who don’t know that the theme available on the site light weight and they will not have any negative impact on the rankings.

WordPress Plugins – The platform is popular for the number of plugins available on the downloads store.

WordPress is standing today on the top because of the plugins, which brings us to 10Web plugins store.

Currently, you can access more than 26 premium plugins, which will give change the website navigation.

You can check out their plugin list.

Backup – You can ask for a suggestion to any blogger on how much it is important for them to have a backup option.

You get 10GB of free backup storage for your website. Imagine that you have made a certain mistake on your site, and you have lost all data, you are devastated.

Whenever you make any change, 10Web creates a backup, which will help you get back to your previous or updated state of your website.

Security – More than ten million sites were affected by the hackers a few months back. Adding an extra layer of protection is what 10Web does for your website.

Even when you are compromised, the tools will protect the data and changes made by the hacker will not be accepted.

Image optimizer – The company has an inbuilt feature called “image optimizer” which is an important feature for Photographers, Animators, and Blogs.

Even if you have a 25MB image in the library, the inbuilt tool helps you to reduce the size to few MB’s.

The faster your images load, the faster your website will load.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – The company has an inbuilt feature called SEO, which helps you to identify the problems in your site, traffic, and gives you the insight to improve your rankings on Google.

However, the search engines improve every day; if you are a beginner, then this tool won’t help you much. The competition on the majority of keywords is high, and you cannot outrank them solely.


We have mentioned a lot of features, which will excite you to for it, but what about the pricing?

The company has only three packages, which you can check it out from here. They are also providing 20% off for those people who are making the first purchase.

Check out the price


We recommend you to try the 14-days trial version, which will give you an insight into the product. You can decide after fourteen days, whether this solution helps your business or not. Let us know your experience in the comment section.

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