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Is this lockdown getting you down? Tired of watching the same movies and the same serials all over again on TV?

Then it’s time to start binging on web series.

With Netflix, Amazon, and Disney taking over the world, their new web series is nothing short of epic. From historical to romance to mythological, even horror and thrillers, web series are emerging.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top web series to binge-watch right now.

Top 10 Mini Web-Series to Binge Watch over the Weekend

Peaky Blinders:

Viewers who are obsessed with mafia and murder, Peaky Blinders is just the right fit for you. A British crime drama that is set in the 1920s Birmingham, England, the plot revolves around a gang who sews razor blades in their caps. Thomas Shelby is the fierce boss of the gang, who returns to Birmingham after serving in the British Army with his brothers. He and his gang control the city, but his ambitions plan to build a business empire and nothing or no one gets in his way. Catch Peaky Blinder on Netflix.

Wu Assassins:

Another good web series to binge-watch is Wu Assassins. This supernatural martial arts crime drama series follows the life of Kai Jin, a chef from Chinatown in present-day San Francisco. He becomes entangled with the deadly Triad’s when he goes to find the ancient “Wu Xing” powers. After he encounters a mystical spirit, he becomes the Wu Assassin, who is ordered to recover supernatural powers from five criminals who are trying to use them to destroy the world.


This new web series is a family drama that centers around an 18-year-old boy, Sam, who is autistic. Sam seeks independence and a girlfriend, like any typical teenager. The series is filled with messages of inclusion and compassion that most people can relate too. Some scenes are humorous though they are rarely directed towards the protagonist. While the start of the series can seem a bit drawn out, it is worth the investment, as it shows the workings of a hormonal teenager’s autistic mind.


Dark is the latest hot web series to hit Netflix. This German science fiction thriller introduces viewers to a detailed puzzle that is filled with twists. When the children of the town of Winden start disappearing, the fractured lives of the people involved, and the dark past of four specific families are revealed. What follows is a tale of mystery and intrigue that encompasses three generations of people living in the sleepy town. If the series gives you a certain Pennywise feel, then you aren’t wrong. It is creepier than that.

Money Heist:

Another hot web series to hit Netflix, Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel is a crime drama where 8 thieves break into the Royal Mint of Spain and hold people, hostage, while a criminal mastermind tries to manipulate the police to help further their plans. The team commit the perfect robbery and walk away with 2400 million euros making it the biggest heist in the history of mankind.

Shaitan Haveli:

This Amazon prime Hindi web series is a horror-comedy. The legendary director of horror movies, Hariman, has an ill-fated movie and decides to go back to his roots. He packs up everything and journeys to the Shaitaan Haveli. But weird things start happening during the filming of the movie. The series is engaging from the start and keeps people tied to it, and before long, you have already watched half the series.


This TVF web series is a fun watch for the younger generation dealing with generational gaps. Three fathers try to understand and fit in with their children’s generation. The series shows how these three middle-aged men try to accept the younger generations’ concepts while breaking the stereotypical thoughts and restrictions set by Indian fathers. The episodes are hilarious as the trio tries various things like partying, drinking, setting up start-ups, and connecting through social media.

The Haunting of Hill House:

This Netflix web series is based on Shirley Jackson’s classic horror novel and pings between two time periods with beautiful transitions. The show follows the Crain family as they renovate their house and deal with the psychosocial fallout of their time in the present. The show is emotionally intense and can be overbearing at times. With a few too many monologues the haunting of Hill House does not try to scare and violent imagery.

The Punisher:

Marvel’s The Punisher is a television series based on Marvels Comics vigilante and antihero. After getting revenge on those responsible for the death of his family members, Frank Castle unravels a conspiracy that is deeper than the entire New York’s criminal underworld. Although the punisher is legally dead, he discovers the truth about injustices in his city and makes an allegiance to end the war.


Breathe is another Indian Web Series that explores the lives of ordinary men who face extraordinary situations. Kabir is a brilliant officer but is quite unconventional in his methods. When they start putting the pieces together of unconnected deaths that lead to a suspect – Danny Mascarenhas. While Kabir stops at nothing to deliver justice, Danny is faced with the biggest dilemma of his existence – his life or his son’s.


During this lockdown, most television channels are repeating serials and movies that most people have watched hundreds of times. Now is the best time to start watching web series.

Amazon and Netflix are right now updating their web series and creating wholly brand new and intriguing web series, that viewers should not miss. So, start watching today and forget your worries outside.

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