These 10 portable tools allow you to perform your tasks related to PC anywhere using your USB drive. A word portability that can make wonders in every field. Micro SD, microprocessor, Nanochip are the few examples of portability in the technology field. There are many advantages by involving portability in every field.

In the same way, portable applications also make your work easier than ever by using fewer resources and less space on a PC or on a USB drive. Portable applications are much better than standalone applications because,

  • Requires less memory space compared to standalone application
  • Those cannot disturb pc registry files
  • No need to install it in pc and use it from a USB drive
  • Can’t make changes to pc settings
  • Easy to handle and most of them are free, open-source

1. Fotografix portable:

A lightweight image editor that suits every pc user usage and you can perform major editing with this small tool in the place of Photoshop and other image editing software. It is less in size that can perform image editing.


  • Common painting tools brush, clone stamp, gradient are included.
  • Transformation tools are supported
  • Create number of layers and channels which includes adjustment of masks and layers
  • Supports maximum number of file formats including Photoshop and gimp files
  • Easy to use interface and supports multiple language

2. Irfanview portable:

Irfanview is a portable picture viewer developed and released under a free license. Irfanview makes photo viewing is easy with fewer options at the same time supports the maximum number of file types. This tool allows you to create animated images and vector graphics also.


  • Supports large number of file formats
  • lossless jpg rotation option gives better image quality
  • Make slideshow with available images and burn it into cd or make exe file.
  • Batch conversion is also possible
  • Email and print option also included

3. Free download manager:

It is a lightweight download manager to download files quickly without losing data. An inbuilt optimizer gives you better optimization at the time of downloading files and resume support is also available. The download can be done in three ways with different speed techniques.


  • Supports maximum number of files
  • You can use this as torrent download manager also
  • You can pause and resume downloads with single click
  • Scheduled downloads also available
  • Download all flash videos while playing on browser.

4. Google Chrome portable:

3rd most used browser in the world which gives a better browsing experience and at the same time secures your details like passwords, cookies, and user history by storing them in your USB drive. This simple and clean web browser will give a better browsing experience.


  • Wide range of extensions, themes and web apps
  • In built download manager to perform downloads quickly
  • Separate task manager for browser will give all details about which process runs in background
  • Thumbnails support allows you to open your favorite websites with one click
  • Quick start up and load webpages quickly
  • The main and important feature is nothing could be shared on pc by default that means no one can steal your passwords and cookies etc.

5. VLC media player portable:

The legendary application that already runs in billions of PCs in the world on almost every platform. VLC media player portable plays a bunch of media files both audio and video.


  • Supports wide range of audio and video files
  • Plays YouTube videos and other online streaming videos
  • Repair corrupted video files and after index them
  • You can play any dvds,vcds and various streaming protocols like rtsp etc.
  • Plays all audio and video files smoothly with hardware acceleration
  • Snapshot option allows saving wallpapers while playing videos.

6. Open office portable:

Openoffice is the best alternative to Microsoft office which gives better options to view and edit office documents, create worksheets, presentations, and databases in less amount of size and free of cost. You can also edit MS office files and save them into open office format.


  • An easy to use open source package
  • Supports Microsoft office file formats
  • You can get most of the features from Openoffice without spending amount on it
  • It gives maximum features like MS office and it gives options to save into docx format

7. Sumatra pdf portable:

Very slim portable PDF reader to read PDF documents easily. It gives a better experience to users with less options and easy to implement the portable documents.


  • It can open pdf,epub,mobi,chm,xps and some other file types
  • Very minimalistic design
  • The startup speed is good compared with other pdf viewers

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8. Clamwin portable:

Clamwin portable is the first and best antivirus that can be used on a USB drive. It protects your USB drive from threats and virus attacks. You can place it on your USB drive or hard disk and use it anywhere. It is the product from Clamwin antivirus for protecting USB drives.


  • Gives best protection against viruses and spyware
  • Standalone virus scanner that scans almost every file
  • Detects viruses and spyware immediately after scans file
  • Everyday releases database updates

9. Kaspersky TDSSKiller portable:

Rootkits are danger than normal viruses because they cannot be detected by some antivirus programs and cause damage to your pectin order to remove these, you need to use some rootkit remover tools. That is Kaspersky TDSSKiller portable. It removes rootkit.win32, TDSS family from your PC.


  • Removes rootkits and boot kits efficiently
  • Removes total malware family rootkit.win32.TDSS
  • Maximum number of rootkits can be removed with single click

10. 7-zip portable:

7 zip portable is a popular file compression and extraction software which runs on USB drive. It compresses and extracts files without losing data and you can open RAR files also. Compression process done in different ways like good, best etc.


  • Self-extracting capability for 7z format
  • Powerful file manager that can open hidden files too
  • It deals with zip and g-zip formats better than other compression programs
  • Supports 63 languages around the world.

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