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10 Massive Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Search Engine Traffic


You might be making killer articles but why are you not getting any massive traffic you always wished to be? Opinions may differ but we can’t  forget the piece of cake, the organic traffic. The potential of search engine traffic is unpredictable and in order to make most out of it, you must implement some on Page SEO tactics in your blog.

I’m actually fed up of hearing the famous quote in the blogosphere “Content is the King and SEO is the Queen”. But the truth is that we actually forget the Queen and emphasizing more on the King, thus lose in organic traffic.

Millions and millions  of queries are being searched in Google in every seconds and did you ever thought of having a small amount from it consistently?

Here’s the 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Search Engine Traffic.

Reason #1 : You Do not Submit Your Sitemap to Search Engines

What is a sitemap? Well, it’s a list of all posts on a blog having document format.

Whether your blog is new or old, small or large, we highly recommend you to submit a sitemap

Said by Google itself.

You might have known the importance of a sitemap now. Sitemaps are just road maps for search engine bot.

Submitting your blogs sitemap to search engines would help search engine bots to crawl your blog, and in turn help in quick indexing
of your blog.

So the foremost step is to submit a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. For blogger blogs, go here.

Also, you can index you content faster in Google with the help of Google fetch tool.

Reason #2 : You are Not Writing Popular Topics

Suppose you happened to see a blog post on “Gangnam Style” and going to post about it on your blog right now. I would say, you are outdated. You need to be updated.

The Gangnam trend is almost over it’s time for “Harlem Shake“. Believe me, you have got a golden opportunity to rank first in SERPs by applying simple technique.

When Gangnam Style went viral, problogger has made a stunning post ” 3 Lessons for Bloggers, Gangnam Style ”  Clever, isn’t it?

Why can’t you replace Gangnam Style with Harlem Shake here? Ya, you got it right? I’m sure you will be getting massive traffic only through this article if you apply right on Page SEO tactics.

Bonus Tip

A research into Adwords Keyword tools would give you a statistics on how much keywords are being searched. With this, you can be able to know popular topics to write about, and this would improve your chances of getting search engine traffic.

Reason #3 : You Don’t Have your Keyword in Your Titles

Keywords play a vital role in search engine optimisation and hence keyword research tools are on the verge. There are hundreds of free as well as paid keyword research tools but I would strongly recommend you to go for either Google Adwords or SEMRush.

Keywords are really what people are searching, if you can put say three of the keywords you are targeting into the title of your blog
post, it would help your blog to appear in search engines for those keywords.

Reason #4 : You Post Content are Too Short

Google has become very conscious about content quality and that’s why “He” updates algorithms so often these days.

I’ve seen in many forums that Google is now quickly updating algos in order to kick off content snappers and black hat optimizers. Many of my friends in FB have discussed about their traffic lose/gain after this update.

Search Engines like Google love quality content, writing a short article isn’t what they likely need, as Search Engines want to deliver
quality results to their users.

So it’s advisable to write a post not less than 350-400 words at least. Also never forget to keep the quality on the other hand.

Reason #5 : Relying On (black hat) SEO Softwares

SEO is not all about Softwares. You have your on SEO activities to make on your blog. Work hard on
your On-Page and Off-Page
SEO. It would pay off in the long run.

There is more chance of being blacklisted if you use excessive tools. Remember, recovery from this listing might not be easy. So take care while doing so.

Reason #6 : You Hate Link Building and Internal linking

Whatever you say, link building is a must do process for every blog which needs front Page SERPs. It let your blog to stand out from the crowd. It also helps blog to win the competition.

Suppose you and your competitor is going to post same article, forget plagiarism. Who will win the top position? Of course, the one with higher Domain Authority and better internal linking.

But link building in black hat method say, with automated tools is really gonna harm your blog. Google would consider it as spam building and you may suffer serious disasters.

Reason #7 : You are Not Optimizing Your Images

Images are much important in bringing additional traffic to your blog. So You have to optimize your image names and alt tags. Someone might search for an image, if your image appears, it can lead the user to your blog.

There are many WordPress plugins that let you to optimize each and every images to get maximum search engine score. Use one from the list and start receiving extra organic traffic.

Reason #8 : Your Blog is Not Yet Indexed

If your blog is new, most probably this might be the reason for the lose in organic traffic. Try searching your blog on
Google. If it isn’t indexed, submit your sitemap to Google to let them know you are around.

The best method to check whether your site is listed is to type the following keywords in Google.

Don’t forget to replace with your blog name above.

Reason #9 : Your Posts are
Not Share Able

Sharing is caring. Not only it does caring, but also it opens a wide horizon to reach your content beyond leaps and bounds.

If your posts are not been shared on social bookmarking or social sites, there is a high probability
that it would not rank highly on search engines. Shareholic, Addthis, Social Share etc are great sharing plugins to multiply the outreach. Install any one right now if you didn’t so far and feel the difference.

Reason #10 : You Are Not Using Any SEO Plugins

No, I’m not talking about the SEO Softwares. We are dealing with some plugins which can even quadruple your traffic. SEOPressor and EasyWPSEO are the industry leading premium plugins which are used by millions of pro bloggers.

You can also try free but effective plugins say, WordPress SEO by Yoast, All in one SEO etc. It suggests basic SEO errors that you have made in your post and you could easily fix them.

It also optimize LSI keywords, over optimization, keyword density etc.

Over To You

These are the Various Reasons, Search Engines Like Google won’t give you traffic. Try to Optimize your blog and you would see the massive Search Engine traffic you would gain in the Nearest future…..But, if you don’t you might end up with this.

I hope you can implement this tips and you would in less than no time get that search engine traffic you’ve been longing for.

Please do share and comment if you got something from this article.

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