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A Mobile Phone is a device that connects the world with a cellular network. Smartphones let people access different options like phone calls, the internet, messages, etc. And it is fully used to communicate with family and friends. Moreover, look at the HONOR Magic 5 Lite review for a better chance of indulging with the smartphone.

Hidden features

1. Cast Your Android Screen

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Know how to start casting, as it is all about casting a video on the larger screen to the television using your smartphone without interrupting any video. Also, it involves sending your screen activity to the display or projector via cable or any other wireless connection. It is similar to casting but is also used to share online content, such as videos, music, etc.

2. Run apps side-by-side

That means using two or more applications simultaneously; you can use split mode on your mobile screen to view or use that open application. Follow this, like entering the home screen, and you can do it that way. Now, search for the apps, you want to place at your screen. And drag the application to the top or bottom of the screen.

3Font size

The other factor that will make your mobile phone use easy is the font size. Yes, you can perform it easily with the zoom options available in the settings option. All you need to do is pay attention to the settings, and simply you can move to it.

4. Volume settings

Android has three different volume levels: first for media, second for ringtones, and another for alarms. You can control the Sound and vibration used to designate screen touch, notifications or any other interaction. After that, you will always know what notifications you are getting. You can make your mobile volume higher or quieter and change your ringtone sound and vibration.

5. Do not disturb 

Do not disturb is mainly used to silence the Mobile for notifications and calls. Also, without changes in a device volume, it would not appear on the lock screen either on or off. This disables any Sound call or notification for a little period. Android DO NOT DISTURB mode can also be personally used for specific apps or specific contacts. Highly used while driving will automatically turn silent and help you stay highly focused on the road.

6. Screen lock

The other best option that will keep you astonished is the Google screen lock option. You can set a single Google screen lock option to keep everything simple. Moreover, you need not indulge with the other locks in the smartphone.

7. Default app

One best things is to choose the default option; generally, it is the one that keeps everything simple for you. Like when you prefer to open a link, only you need to tap the link, and within a minimum time, it will open. For it, you have to select a preference for a single option. And see how you can access the link with a single tap.

8. Lost Notification

What is the other best way to keep everything to the point is to get back the lost notification. You must move on to the widgets option, find and select settings, and hold and leave on the single space. Here, you will get the notification log option; look how simply you will get back all your options.

9. One-hand mode

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The next best option is to choose the one-hand mode of your keyboard. Yes, with some simple steps, you can perform the function. You must press the comma option on your keyboard; now, move it to the right side. Now, you will have complete access to the one-hand mode.

10. Transfer files through Wi-Fi

Yes, you read it right; you can now have complete access to the file share option with the help of Wi-Fi. Earlier, you could perform it with BT and other file-sharing options. Open the settings, and start the Wi-Fi option by tapping on it.


Mobile Phones are a source of information and entertainment; Communications also Save Life in an Emergency, and more can be used as a camera or mobile phone. GPS Location and Internet Access mobile phones have become popular over time.