With the help of improving technology, people have got different options in the things they are choosing to shop from the market. They have also got different platforms where they can find products with different designs at a reasonable price. Apart from food, house, and clothes, the mobile phone has become very important for every person. No one can imagine their life without a mobile phone. Different people have different tastes and expectations when they are looking for a phone. In Turkey, people’s first choice is TCL mobile turkiye because of the features and elements present in them. Below are the phones popular in Turkey:

1. Motorola One Action

With Android version 9 and chipset off exynos, Motorola One Action is one of the most famous mobile phone which is used in Turkey. The main qualities of this mobile phone are that it has a RAM of 3GB. This has given a lot of space to the users so that they can take as many pictures and videos as worrying about the space. The camera takes very good pictures because there are triple cameras of 13 MP.

2. Apple iPhone 11

The reputation regarding the Apple Company has always been very high because of the constant features they have been providing to the users. It has a 5.8-inch display which makes it easy to hold while looking at the details on the mobile phone. Along with the memory card storage, the user also gets internal storage of 64GB. Every function can be done quickly without any delay.

3. Samsung Galaxy M40

When the user decided to take Samsung Galaxy M40, they get a qualcomm processor with a chipset of 65 space that lets the user start as many functions without compromising on the speed and accuracy of the phone. It is very difficult to use a phone when it is working slowly. The dimensions of this mobile phone are 15558mm which is easier for the user to view the pictures and videos on the mobile phone.

4. Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

With the special characteristics of the mobile phone, Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is one of the mobile phones which is best in the features and the price is not too much. To keep the features for a long time, this mobile phone has a battery of LI-Po 3000 mAh which cannot be removed from the mobile phone. This will ensure the user that the battery will not get worse after some time.

5. Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The user interface of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro is different from other mobile phones. Many people prefer to use this phone because they are comfortable with the characteristic. It has become more popular because of the camera quality and its flash factor. The camera has a quad-LED dual tome flash which helps in enhancing your pictures even in the dark.

6. Ulefone Armor X8

With a better version of Android, Ulefone Armor X8 comprises of a chipset of 12 nm which keeps the mobile phone to work efficiently without the no storage reminder. The user gets 64 GB as internal memory. Along with the internal storage, a 4GB memory card can be inserted to make more space for other downloads and files.

7. Coolpad Cool 12A

This phone has been launched in the market recently with better and advanced features for the users. The processor of this phone is Android which is preferable by most people. The users can get this phone in different colors and designs.As the price is not too expensive, users can enjoy the innovative features. Turkey people have chosen TCL mobile turkiye as their favorite phone because of the features and its price.

8. Lenovo Z6

Although it has been launched in the market in 2019, users are still not over the advanced features it contains. With the Android user interface and processor, this phone has become very easy even for new users. The touchscreen can be easily detected by the user so that they can open the mobile phone without any delay. Along with the fingerprints, this phone also has a face and voice lock. This ensures safety around the phone and the files present in them.

9. Samsung Galaxy M40

The displaying feature of this mobile phone has made this phone stand out from other phones. The users can find this phone in different designs and colors. There is a GPS function to locate the phone if it gets lost anytime. Even without wifi, the user can connect it with other networks using a USB cable.

10. Oppo Realme 3i

Available in the market in many designs and colors, Oppo Realme 3i is one of the many phones that have been a constant for Turkey people. The users get a lot of space on the phone because there is internal storage as well as a memory card which can be chosen by the user.

It is easy to take pictures with a wide-angle shot. It can be done by rotating the camera. The camera has made it different from other mobile phones.


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